Muslim Girl Who Shamed ‘Racist’ White Woman Gets Her Nasty Secret Exposed

Video footage of an allegedly “racist” woman telling a Muslim girl, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” caused a media frenzy and demands for police to charge her with a hate crime. However, the woman in question has now come forward, and she just revealed the lying girl’s dirty little secret.

Despite the Quran repeatedly commanding the slaughter of Christians, Jews, and atheists, and calling unbelievers unclean pigs and dogs, Muslims are the most vocal when it comes to denouncing their critics as racist, bigoted hate speakers. In an effort to overthrow our freedom of speech to establish blasphemy laws disguised as hate speech legislation, so-called moderate Muslims all over the U.S. are trying to have those who speak out either jailed or killed.

When an unidentified Muslim girl got into a passive-aggressive argument with an unnamed woman at a Trader Joe’s in Reston, Virginia, she cleverly concealed her identity while outing her opponent and subsequently putting her at risk for Islamic terrorism. As usual, liberals and Muslims were instantly outraged at the one-sided footage, never questioning what hadn’t been captured on the secret recording.

As soon as they heard the woman declare that she wished that “they didn’t let you in the country,” the left immediately cried “racism!” and called for her arrest. Now, however, the woman has come forward with one major detail the malicious Muslim girl blatantly left out of her video.

The woman told FOX 5 that the video was purposefully taken out of context as she was simply responding to the Muslim girl’s racist rant against Americans. Just before the recording began, the woman says that the Muslim made “strong statements” about the U.S., including bigotedly calling Americans “murderers and rapists” in what should be considered no less than hate speech.

While speaking with FOX 5 reporter Anjali Hemphill, the woman said that the media has biasedly taken the Muslim girl’s claims without publishing her side of the story. In addition, the woman said that she and her family are receiving death threats and that she was forced to seek legal representation.

The woman’s claims make perfect sense when you listen to the video commentary again. Just as the camera begins recording, she tells the Muslim, “So, you play dumb and then you say everybody’s…okay. I got it.” It was just moments before this comment that the Muslim girl had made the racist statements about Americans. It is then that she proves that although she claims to have been “born here” that she doesn’t consider herself American but holds her religion supreme.

The plot thickens as the video was first uploaded by comedian Jeremy McLellan, a liberal comic who is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood-tied Muslim Students’ Association (MSA). The far-left comedian has performed at many pro-Islam events presented by the terrorist-funding MSA and designated terrorist group CAIR.

This woman has not only been made a pariah in her own community but now has a fatwa on her head, just as we predicted. As the left and their Muslim comrades prove time and time again, the religion of peace is fundamentally violent, especially if you accuse them of it.

However, the bigger issue is that insulting Islam or Muslims in any way is considered racism and hate speech. While common sense tells us that Muslims aren’t a race, as converting to or from Islam doesn’t change one’s skin color. Being Muslim is a choice — as long as you’re not living under Sharia law, that is.

This girl wasn’t born Muslim or birthed with a hijab on her head. She chooses to believe in an ideology that commands the death of apostates, homosexuals, adulterers, and blasphemers like the woman in the video. And just like if she chose to believe that the earth is flat, which is actually in the Quran as well, we in America have a right to denounce and even mock her beliefs. Furthermore, she doesn’t have a right to not be offended, as free speech is sometimes offensive speech.

Disturbingly, it has become a death sentence to offend or even disagree with a Muslim in America. These self-described moderate Muslims might not like to get their hands dirty for the Quran’s command to “slay the unbelievers wherever you find them,” but they’re certainly willing to expose those who disobey Sharia law to the devout jihadists who are willing to carry out Quran 4:95 as Allah intended.

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