96-Year-Old WW2 Vet Spends His Birthday Skydiving

In celebration of his 96th birthday, a World War II veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor did one of the coolest and craziest things a member of the ever-shrinking “Greatest Generation” could ever do: Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

According to Fox News, veteran military man and skydiver Delton Walling took part in what he claimed would be the final jump of his long life by skydiving in honor of his birthday in Lodi, California.

Walling said that he will miss the dangerous thrill and intensity of skydiving, but is looking forward to spending his remaining time doing other things to keep himself busy.

According to CBS, Walling said of his final jump, “Every time you do something like this it makes you feel pretty good.”

With no more skydives on the horizon, the World War II vet will now spend his time traveling the country and delivering motivational speeches regarding his experiences during that terrible but necessary war.

According to the Department of Defense media outlet, the Navy veteran attended in person in Hawaii the most recent Dec. 7 anniversary of the devastating Pearl Harbor attack that he managed to survive in 1941, and his overarching message was crystal clear: Never forget the attack on Pearl Harbor and the men and women who died that fateful day, as well as throughout the subsequent years of the war.

“I saw it all,” Walling stated, recalling that he had been “180 feet in the air” in the communications tower of the USS Pennsylvania when the surprise attack by Japanese forces began,. “Do not ever forget Pearl Harbor and the kids that fought the war in the Pacific.”

Walling was 19 years old at the time of the attack, and though he managed to survive the lethally brutal onslaught of bombs, rockets, machine gun fire, crashing planes and sinking ships, some 2,400 other souls were not so lucky.

Walling’s only request to those who would hear him: “When you go to sleep tonight, would you say a little prayer for all those kids who did not come back, never had a life, but they gave you your freedom?”

This is beyond cool and utterly amazing, as this elderly veteran hasn’t let his advanced age stop him from living his life to the fullest.

Hopefully he will have many more years left to continue sharing his incredible story.

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