ALERT: If You Had a Diamond Ring Repaired at THIS Store, You May Have a FAKE Now

Beware taking your diamond ring to be repaired at Kay Jewelers, because a bombshell investigation has revealed that the specialty retailer has a bad habit of replacing the stones in its customers’ engagements rings.

Specifically, back in 2016, BuzzFeed tracked down eight women whose engagement ring stones were swapped out with fake ones when the women took their rings to be repaired at the retailer.

Take for instance Chrissy Clarius. She discovered that the diamond in her $4,299.99 engagement ring had been swapped out for a moissanite stone worth only about $900 or so

“The couple were devastated,” the news site reported.

According to Clarius, after she posted a complaint to the Facebook page of Kay Jewelers, hundreds of other men and women contacted her with similar stories.

Moreover, when these folks shared their suspicions with their local Kay Jewelers’ dealers, they were handed a plethora of excuses.

“She said, ‘It’s just because you haven’t seen it for a while,’” remarked Hannah LaFlam, who complained after she noticed that the diamond on her $4,500 ring had been swapped.

Thankfully, LaFlam’s story at least ended happily, in that she was able to prove via the serial number that the diamond had in fact been swapped. Using this evidence, she forced Kay Jewelers to track down her original diamond and return it to her.

For hundreds of other customers, however, the outcome has not been so sweet. Nor has the corporation been all that understanding.

A vice president for the company that owns Kay, Signet Jewelers, said cases like those of Clarius and LaFlam were “minimal.”

“Every year we’ve got millions of transactions and millions of repairs we are processing in our stores,” David Bouffard, Signet vice president for corporate affairs, told BuzzFeed.

Sorry, but that is no excuse, especially when you are talking about very expensive diamonds that also hold a great deal of sentimental value. Either resolve this problem, or expect your business to decline faster than Target’s.

H/T Fox News

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