Dad Rapes Toddler In Bloody Room, Cops Horrified By What’s Found Inside Her

The police were recently called to the home of a deranged man for an unresponsive child and were shocked to learn that a 3-year-old girl had been raped by her own father. Unfortunately, the bloody “dungeon” in which she was kept and the sexual abuse were the least of the nightmares that the child experienced. Officials were left even further horrified to learn what was found inside the young child’s body.

Matthew Lee Williamson is a monster by any and all definitions. Unfortunately, that would only be realized after officials learned what he had done to his 3-year-old daughter Kyhesha-Lee Joughin in Brisbane, Australia, in March of 2013.

It all started when Williamson and Kyhesha-Lee’s mother Danielle split up, forcing them to figure out custody arrangements. Wanting to be spiteful, the deranged man took his former lover to court and managed to rip his daughter away from her mother by securing full custody.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an act of love that drove Williamson to fight for custody as his plans for his own daughter were downright horrendous. According to reports, the courts recently heard that the man, along with his roommate Christopher Kent, engaged in “unorthodox sexual conduct” together, but it gets so much worse.

Before long, they brought little Kyhesha-Lee into their disturbing sexual activities and raped her every chance they got, even forcing her to take naked photos as well. However, the worst was yet to come as the little girl’s life continued in a downward spiral at the hands of her own father until she was experiencing the true definition of “hell on earth.”

Williamson would sleep during the day and, after being woken up enough times, finally started to lock his daughter in her bedroom. Using a rope to tie the door shut, the room would soon become little Kyhesha-Lee’s dungeon, where more disturbing abuse took place – both physical and sexual.

Of course, the young girl would often have to use the bathroom, and when Williamson didn’t answer her cries as he slept, she was forced to defecate in her pants. As described by Kent, Williamson would become especially angry if she played in it, or worse, threw it around the room.

Williamson’s physical abuse would eventually boil over in March of 2013. Police reports indicate that Williamson punched Kyhesha-Lee in the stomach so hard that she immediately collapsed. However, he didn’t call emergency services until three days later after his daughter, suffering in agony, finally passed away.

Sadly, an autopsy showed exactly what killed the girl – and just about everyone was left horrified to learn what was found inside her. As the medical examiner would find, Williamson reportedly hit his daughter so hard that it ruptured her colon, resulting in feces spilling into her body, which would cause infection and, eventually, death.

Making matters worse, medical professionals explained that because Williamson had left the girl with a ruptured colon, refusing to seek medical help, her last days on earth were spent in utter agony. In fact, doctors testified that Kyhesha-Lee would have been unable to eat, sleep, or move in her final 12 hours after being punched in the stomach.

Since that time, both Williamson and Kent were arrested on manslaughter charges. However, Williamson was recently sentenced to just 9 years behind bars — and some are saying it’s far too little considering the severity of his crimes.

Fortunately, he’s headed to prison where inmates have a justice system of their own – and they especially don’t take kindly to those who abuse children. Williamson is going to spend the better part of the next decade with these men, meaning that he may get the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be the victim. My guess is, he isn’t going to like it much when the tables have turned.

Source: Madworldnews

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