Muslim Begins To Cut Girl’s Throat, Sees Something Out Of Corner Of Eye

University students were horrified when an international Muslim classmate grabbed a female student, pinned her down, and began cutting away at her neck in the middle of the dormitory. However, his devious plans to kill the girl immediately came to a halt when he saw something out of the corner of his eye that changed everything. A terrifying attack occurred […]

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Before You Drown That Tick In Peppermint Oil, Here’s What You Need To Know

A video has gone viral on Facebook after someone showed the simple removal of a tick by “drowning” it in peppermint oil. Unfortunately, medical professionals have since spoken out about the clip that has been viewed a staggering 27 million times – and there’s just one extremely important thing that everyone needs to know about it before taking its advice. […]

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Migrants Gang Rape Woman In Wheelchair, Police Free Them For Sick Reason

One of the freed migrant rapists (left) thought his identity was safe with his undercover police escort (right). A gang of 5 Muslim migrants brutally raped a wheelchair-bound woman for hours, forcing their handicapped victim to suffer through the most debauched torture imaginable. Just days after police arrested the rapists, however, they were released without any charges for one unbelievably […]

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