WATCH: Passengers Horrified To See What Muslim TSA Agent Was Doing Outside Seattle Airport

A terrifying video has emerged online which was captured directly outside of Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Seattle. The footage shows a TSA officer in the midst of an act which would make anyone with plans to travel extremely uneasy.

The concerning footage appears to have first surfaced via the video sharing website Vidmax, but since then, it has been posted to Facebook. While the identity and background of the TSA officer in question are unknown, it is clear that he is a devout Muslim, which has done nothing to ease tensions among weary flyers.

A Muslim TSA agent was filmed praying towards Mecca outside of SeaTac Airport, the main airport in Washington State.

While there is nothing illegal or possibly even improper about the man’s action, it is unsettling for some who just want to fly from one location to another without being blown out of the sky and watching a man pray to a god whom these radicals dedicate their carnage to might be a little unsettling. [Source: Vidmax]

As one of the core tenants of their religion, Muslims pray five times throughout the day. They drop whatever they are doing to wash, remove their shoes, and face Mecca before bowing down on their knees while touching their head to the floor.

Every day millions of Muslims turn toward Mecca and pray. They are required to pray five times a day – at daybreak, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening, although there are some Muslims who combine prayers. The prayers are said in Arabic, no matter what the person’s native tongue. [Source: Muslim Voices]

Those who have viewed the footage have been overwhelmingly disturbed by it. “Don’t think for a second this guy wouldn’t overlook a bomb if it was gonna take out some infidels!!!” commented one viewer. “Oh yea! This guy absolutely looks like someone I trust in the security of my country!” wrote someone else sarcastically.

A third viewer commented, “Well he’s handy to have around, some fella walking around with a bomb and the fucking security man lying on the ground praising some kiddy fiddler.”

To the latter commenter’s point, most people would lose their jobs for leaving work five times each day, whether it be to pray or do anything else. However, thanks to the progressive agenda, employers must now be unfairly accommodating when it comes to their Muslim workers, lest they face an expensive lawsuit, which could cost them millions, even if they prevail.

The last place you want to see a radical working is the TSA, which was established in the first place after a team of Muslims successfully commandeered four American planes, crashing two of them into the World Trade Center in New York City. And make no mistake, if an individual is skipping out on work five times every day to pray to Allah, they are well on their way to becoming radicalized, if they’re not there already.

Unfortunately, society has been so conditioned to remain politically correct at all times that many people would not speak up after seeing something like this Muslim TSA agent praying at the airport because they wouldn’t want to offend anyone, even though they may be incredibly uncomfortable.

Luckily, there was a passenger in close proximity who decided to film the incident, drawing national attention to it. Would you feel comfortable flying after seeing something like this at your airport? I don’t know about you, but I’d likely turn right around and head home.

Source: MadWorldNews

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