VIDEO: Saul Nunez Randomly Beats 91-Year-Old Walking On Sidewalk, Good Samaritan Saves Him

Video Shows Saul Nunez Beating An Elderly Man

Manhattan, NYC – A 91-year-old man was attacked and struck in the head for no reason by a 20-year-old punk using a cane as a weapon on Friday evening. Surveillance footage captured the assault (video below.)

According to The New York Daily News, Cuban-born Juan Llorens was pushing a grocery cart collecting cans for recycling when he randomly crossed paths with Saul Nunez of the Bronx. A

s they passed on a Broadway sidewalk, Nunez was walking along when he suddenly turned and kicked Llorens’ shopping cart.

Nunez had been walking with a cane and he then took the cane with both hands and struck the victim in the head. The attack would have continued but a good Samaritan came to the victim’s rescue, and Nunez fled. Llorens, who is 5′ 3″, was taken to a local hospital, treated for his wounds, and released. The Good Samaritan was not identified.

Llorens said “This could have ended up as a homicide. He almost killed me … A man that’s just crazy. We didn’t know each other.” He said that he “was tired”, and “was having trouble sleeping all night”.

The victim’s neighbor, Morty Vaughan, who lives next door to him, said “How can a kid do this? Young punks. I heard a bunch of people in the neighborhood are looking for him.” He also said “I hope they get him before the cops get him. He deserves a beatdown.”

Another neighbor, Mary Hallinan, said that the frail 91-year-old man is a neighborhood fixture, and that many residents set their recycling aside for him. She said that he pushes his grocery cart throughout the neighborhood collecting the cans.

She also said, “Everyone in the neighborhood knows him … I’ve known him pretty much all my life. And he won’t let you help him. He’s independent.”

After a short manhunt, NYPD located and arrested Nunez. He has been charged with two counts of assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

What do you think the sentence for scumbags like this should be? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

Elderly man Inwood man attacked with cane

HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? Police are looking for a man who — apparently totally unprovoked — attacked an elderly man with a cane in Inwood. WATCH VIDEO OF THE ATTACK:

Posted by ABC7NY on Saturday, June 3, 2017

Source: Blue Lives Matter

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