Man Gets 100 Lashes For Adultery, Female Lover Gets Something MUCH Worse

When a woman and her secret lover were caught in the act, the Islamic court handed the man 100 lashes for extra-marital sex. The woman expected to receive the same for her crime, but when the judge handed down the sentence, she was horrified to learn her gruesome fate.

A 45-year-old Sri Lankan servant and her male lover were recently convicted of adultery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, the Daily Mail reports.

The pair individually admitted to their crime in the hope that the Sharia court would be more lenient with them, but for the women it simply wasn’t so.

Although the man received a brutal sentence of 100 lashes, the middle-aged woman was quickly handed one of the most barbaric death sentences in history — stoning.

The Sharia court ruled that a human-sized hole would be dug in the ground, the woman would be thrown into it and buried up to her chest, and crowds of anxious Muslim men would hurl heavy rocks at her head until she died a most painful death.

Although it is not uncommon for women to receive harsher punishments for their involvement in crimes, the Islamic court is hasty to move forward with the woman’s execution because, unlike her bachelor lover, she is married.

Now, Sri Lanka is calling upon Saudi Arabia to overturn their ruling and pardon the woman, but the sentence most likely will go ahead as planned, just as many others have before it.

Because the Islamic Prophet Muhammad ordered that adulterers be stoned on site, Saudi Arabia and many other countries that adhere to Sharia law have carried out this medieval punishment for 1400 years.

Of course, Saudi Arabia not only has so much in common with their murderous prophet, but the rising terrorist group that’s closely mimicking Muhammad as well.

Saudi Arabia has recently warned that they will sue anyone who compares their abusive government to the Islamic State’s coinciding practice of Sharia law.

This ridiculous threat began when the Muslim country sued a Twitter user for decrying the death sentence of a 35-year-old Palestinian poet for apostasy as “ISIS-like,” the Independent reports.

However, anyone with common sense and decency can see that the Sharia government of the Saudi Kingdom is just as brutal and Islamic as the rising Caliphate they seem to despise so hypocritically.

As long as the left lauds and empowers the inhumane Muslims countries that adhere to Sharia law, they can never defeat the same jihad that the Islamic State spreads in the Middle East.

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