Director Who Had Trump Assassinated On Stage Learns Brutal Lesson — He’s Not Laughing Now

The theater director who decided to randomly throw the assassination of President Donald Trump into a production of Julius Caesar has learned a brutal lesson. He’s no longer laughing after finding out what happens to those who so gravely disrespect the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

Public Theater Artistic Director Oskar Eustis has said the play was designed to illustrate “an anxiety nightmare parable,” and ironically, he is now living his own worst nightmare. Eustis and his family have been receiving death threats as a result of his blasphemous attack on the president, and they don’t care much for the taste of their own medicine.

According to police, someone left a phone message for Eustis’ wife, saying, “Your husband wants Trump to die. I want him to die.”

“It’s not OK. It’s stuff we did not sign up for — nothing that the show justified,” Eustis’ daughter, Kyle Brown, 26, told the New York Post.

While the director’s wife and daughter might not have signed up for the barrage of hateful messages the family is now getting as a result of his sick decision to depict the assassination of the president on stage, Eustis certainly did. In fact, that is precisely what he deserves, although he may not like how it feels very much.

Shakespeare Dallas has also been receiving negative emails, according to the Dallas Observer. “Your (sic) a disgrace. You should be ASHAMED that is the PRESIDENT. I hope you die and so do you (sic) family,” read one example.

“You truly are a bunch of freaks and bottom suckers,” said another. “We should send all you freaks to ISIS. They would eliminate your stench on this earth with real knives. … I can smell your stench all the way to Texas.”

According to Western Journalism, a Shakespeare company in Lenox, Massachusettes, was also targeted. “You are vial (sic) despicable excuses for human beings. I wish you all the worst possible life you could have and hope you all get sick and die,” one email sent to the company read.

In typical liberal fashion, these outspoken idiots can apparently dish it out quite well but have a serious problem with taking it. Oskar Eustis deserves every bit of the backlash he has received for butchering a classic in order to interject his own misguided political bias. Hopefully, this will be his final directorial effort for the foreseeable future.

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