WATCH: Black Mob Approaches Lone White Boy When Car Breaks Down & It Wasn’t To Help Fix It

A shocking video is spreading across social media after a lone white boy had the misfortune of breaking down in the wrong neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, he was quickly approached by a black mob – and let’s just say they definitely weren’t there to help the guy fix his car.

Although all the information hasn’t been released pertaining to the horrendous video, Live Leak claims that it all started when a man’s car “broke down in the wrong hood.” As seen in the clip that was first shared to Twitter, things start off rather hectic as the black mob is seen trying to rip the man out of the car despite his best attempts to stay inside.

After a while, a few people noticed that they weren’t getting anywhere and told the others to back off in order to “let him out.” For reasons unknown, the man obliged, only to be punched in the face by a few members of the crowd.

Now, this is where things get a little weird. Clearly heard, the victim asks, “Why are you trying to sleep me?” For those unaware, this simply means the guy was unsure of what he did to deserve being attacked and why his aggressors wanted to knock him out.

Without giving an answer, the punk sneaks around behind his victim while he’s facing the rest of the group and sucker punches him from behind. Although spectators of the event were demanding the attackers to stop, they had no such inclination to do so. Before long, the man was balled up on the ground, protecting his face and torso from the flurry of punches and kicks he was receiving for no apparent reason.

There are a few things worth nothing here, the first being that this actually seemed to be a pretty nice neighborhood. Along with that, the man in question was talking like he frequently hung out with members of the attacking group, using language they’re familiar with. So, some people believe the victim may have been talking a little smack before the video, but there are a few problems with that theory.

First of all, the guy would have known exactly why he was being attacked if that was the case and wouldn’t have had to ask. Secondly, violence is never justified, no matter how much someone else runs their mouth.

However, seeing how this guy was in his car when he was attacked, this makes a strong case for self-defense. Clearly, he wasn’t the one attacking or instigating violence, meaning that his life was in danger on account of the actions of someone else.

At the end of the day, this is exactly why I carry a concealed firearm. You absolutely cannot guess when danger is going to step out from the shadows and threaten your very existence, so you should always be prepared.

This man suffered one heck of a beating because he wasn’t ready to protect himself, and he’s lucky he got to walk away in the end. One wrong punch or kick to the head and he could have been dead. It’s always better that you get to go home to your family and loved ones at the end of the day.

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