Sick Minnesota Punk Rapes Disabled 14-Year-Old Girl, Judge’s ‘Reward’ Makes It Even Worse

A man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been convicted of raping a disabled and vulnerable 14-year-old girl. However, when the judge announced the rapist’s sentencing, Americans were stunned by the “reward” that he was given – and it makes the whole crime even worse.

The convicted rapist, 19-year-old Demarlo R. Crawford, was first introduced to the innocent girl after he had done a few odd jobs for her family. His victim had an IQ of 57 at the time. In September 2016, he met her after school and offered to walk her home. In an apparent effort to “make a move,” Crawford reportedly asked the girl if she had ever been kissed. Unfortunately, things only got worse from there as he began to fondle her, then “stripped her from the waist down and raped her,” according to Crime Online.

Although Crawford may have thought that he had gotten away with his sick act, it wasn’t long before his crime came back to bite him. In fact, during a rape investigation, DNA evidence was collected from the girl and confirmed that Crawford was the perpetrator – quickly sealing his fate behind bars and knocking the smug punk back to reality. But, unfortunately, that wouldn’t last as the judge’s light sentence seems more like a reward than a punishment.

Last week, Crawford was placed before Hennepin County District Court Judge Lisa Janzen where he pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct. In a shocking turn-of-events, the family negotiated a resolution, leading Judge Janzen to sentence Crawford to just 180 days, crediting him the 82 days he’s been in jail since his arrest. So, he’ll be behind bars for less than 100 more days before he’s on the street again.

In addition to his sentence, Janzen has also ordered him “to register as a predatory offender and enroll in a treatment program, provide a DNA sample to authorities and have no contact with minors other than his siblings,” according to Star Tribune. He also must stay away from alcohol, illicit drugs, and firearms during his five years of probation.

Everyone knows that he deserves the state’s maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, so he clearly got off easy. When asked, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman admits that the judge’s light sentencing was a result of “a negotiated resolution to the case, agreed upon by the family.” So, ultimately, after raping an innocent girl, this sick man only has 100 days left to serve before he’s a free man – a “reward” compared to what he deserves.

There’s no telling why the family would request a lighter sentence for the disgusting individual who took advantage of their daughter or why the Judge would agree to it, but it’s been done. Sadly, it’s likely due to the fact that the victim’s family knows she would have difficulty testifying against her attacker due to her disability. Although we may not know for certain, it sets a horrible precedent, even if it does bring some peace to the victim and her family to have the case behind them.

There’s no arguing that people who take a child’s innocence deserve every minute of their punishment, and then some. Crawford may have gotten off easy, but we all know that even convicted criminals think child rapists are disgusting pigs who deserve to rot, and those 98 days Crawford has left to serve could end up being pure hell for him. I think it’s safe to say that regardless of his shortened stay behind bars, Crawford is about to learn what it feels like to be a victim, repeatedly, and no one is going to feel sorry for him.

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