Muslim Refugee Mutilates Pretty Waitress’ Face When She Asks Him 1 Racist Question

Just a few weeks after applying for asylum, a refugee decided to celebrate his immigration to the West by dining at a local restaurant. However, when an unsuspecting waitress mistakenly asked a racially insensitive question, the offended migrant brandished his knife and gruesomely carved up her beautiful face as punishment.

When the left sees war, oppression, and religious persecution plaguing a Muslim nation, their first instinct, apparently, is to open our borders to both the victims and perpetrators. Although they assure us that the majority of asylum seekers are real refugees fleeing political tyranny and the scourge of battle, crimes that are particularly rampant in these Sharia countries continue to rise in our neighborhoods as the so-called tiny minority of extremists threaten the future of entire nations.

Although he was waiting on his asylum application’s approval, a 49-year-old Turkish migrant was not only allowed to reside in Sweden but also roam the streets like any other citizen. Enjoying the same liberties and privileges as any other hard working taxpayer, the migrant headed to a local restaurant in Stockholm and proceeded to order beers for which he never intended to pay. Unfortunately, an unpaid tab would be the least of the waitstaff’s worries.

While drinking his second ale, a young waitress approached the asylum seeker and politely asked if he was ready to pay for the alcohol he’d consumed. Evidently, this offensive question triggered the migrant’s superiority complex, prompting him to brandish a kitchen knife and chase down the terrified waitress. Outraged that the taxpayers would not be paying for his alcoholic beverages as a privileged asylum seeker, the Muslim man reportedly stabbed the woman in the face several times and ripped out handfuls of her hair, according to Fria Tider.

Although a courageous woman attempted to block the asylum seeker from stabbing his intended victim, she was knocked out of the way before he caught up to the waitress. “I’m going to kill you!” the migrant screamed as he viciously mutilated the woman’s face. Likely saving the waitress’ life, a pair of male customers tackled the migrant and detained him until police arrived.

The migrant, who remains unnamed because of Sweden’s censorship laws, received a paltry 14-month prison sentence for aggravated assault and unlawful threats. He was ordered to pay his victim $4,200 in damages, although she will probably never see a dime considering that he couldn’t even pay for 2 beers. The migrant is scheduled to be deported to Turkey once his jail sentence has been served. Sadly, it is predicted that he will appeal the decision and be allowed to stay as so many criminal migrants often do.

The waitress believes that the migrant’s intention was to murder her and that he would’ve easily done so had the men not intervened in time. Miraculously she is expected to make a full physical recovery. Her mental state, however, has greatly suffered from the psychological trauma of the attack, according to Kriminellt.

The woman told the Norrtälje District Court that she is too afraid to leave her home without a male escort, making the attack a successful advancement for Sharia law. Often times in the West, sex attacks, physical assault, and intimidation are used by Muslims to bully non-Muslim women into inadvertently obey Sharia law, which requires women to be escorted by a male relative and cover herself. According to the Quran, women are half the worth of a man and, therefore, must obey them or suffer warranted physical abuse and molestation.

Of course, the migrant is claiming that he cannot be deported to Turkey because he faces the risk of death as a political refugee, adding that the Turkish regime hopes to imprison or execute him for protesting their agenda. This is a common excuse among criminal migrants who are attempting to escape extradition and remain in the West for welfare benefits.

If Sweden or any other European country wishes to resolve their migrant crime issue, they must adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to asylum seeking criminals. If the migrant has any history of crime or bias, they should be rejected on the grounds that they are likely to re-offend and never assimilate. If the migrant commits a crime or showcases bias in his new country, they should be extradited on the grounds that the host nation has the right and responsibility to enforce the law of the land and its people’s values.

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