[VID] US Muslims Torment Woman In Parked Car, Didn’t See What Was Coming

Two Muslim teens thought they found an easy target when they discovered an American woman alone. As the depraved duo tormented the woman, they should have paid more attention to what was behind them because they never saw what was coming. Contrary to what the Muslim community would have you believe, these punks got exactly what they deserved.

Once again, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is crying “hate crime” after two malicious Muslim teens got the snot beat out of them in New York. Of course, the Muslim community wants us to believe this was a racist attack, although Islam isn’t a race. Too bad for them, not even the police are buying it this time. These aren’t two sweet innocent kids who were attacked out of nowhere.

The pair of unnamed Muslim 16-year-olds were outside a Brooklyn mosque during a break from their Islamic prayer on Sunday when they noticed a woman sitting alone inside a parked car. Since they thought they had the upper hand, they began to hit on the woman, relentlessly antagonizing her for more than half an hour, going as far as trying to open the woman’s door and poking their heads into her window.

With all their attention on their potential victim, they must not have noticed her boyfriend emerge, but he noticed them and what they were doing, so he did what most real men would do. He protected and defended his woman, and he let them have it. The two degenerates were badly beaten at the Madine Muslim Community Center, and of course, leftist media and the New York chapter of CAIR were quick to paint the sexually aggressive perpetrators as innocent victims of a hate-fueled beating.

According to CAIR, after the man punched one of the teens, threw him to the ground, kicked him, and stomped him, he suffered a concussion, cuts, bruises, and a bad swelling and went to Lutheran Hospital, while the second teen suffered a black eye. Of course, that’s all that matters to these terrorists disguised as an advocacy group. Everyone should never mind the fact that their sexual harassment was criminal and that Americans have a right to defend themselves and those they love.

After the situation was investigated, the police determined the beating was not a bias crime. “The hate crimes unit investigated it and determined that this incident is not a hate crime,” police spokesman Sgt. Brendan Ryan said. However, police are still investigating the alleged assault and are looking for the man responsible, he added.

As one would expect, CAIR isn’t happy about law enforcement’s conclusion as they paint a much different picture of the events. According to Daily News, “On Monday, a statement on CAIR’s Facebook page said one teen was taking a break from late night prayers when he and the second teen were attacked by a man who yelled, ‘You f—ing terrorist’ and ‘You Muslims are the cause of all the problems in the world.’”

However, perhaps it’s the statement from Afaf Nasher, executive director of CAIR’s New York chapter, that’s more important since it shows their true goal. “Our position is, let’s keep all possibilities open, at least until the assailant is arrested and questioned,” said Nasher.

When Islam invades, it uses a country’s own laws against it to bully for its own special treatment. It makes sense that CAIR wants the man, who defended himself and his girlfriend, to be arrested rather than just questioned. They want anyone who dares to raise a hand against a Muslim, even if being assaulted or tormented by said Muslim, to fear punishment. As I said, CAIR is a terror group — their modus operandi just isn’t as obvious as beheadings and bombings.

Surprisingly, thus far, we can score one for the good guys and praise the work of our law enforcement, who investigated, saw this for what it was, and didn’t cave to the pressure of political correctness and Muslim manipulation. Coming out of New York, none the less, that’s quite a feat. The only thing this guy hated was seeing his woman mistreated, and it wouldn’t have mattered what god her perpetrators prayed to — her man just saw red and wanted to do his part in possibly facilitating a meeting with the scum and their maker.

Source: MadWorldNews

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