Entitled Muslim Migrant Brutally Beats White Woman For Asking One Racist Question

While boarding a train, a migrant man was immediately enraged when a young white woman asked him a simple question that seriously offended him. After accusing her of obvious racism, the migrant brutally beat her in an attempt to ensure that she would never again ask any asylum seeker such a thing ever again.

As the left floods Western countries with migrants, who are mostly men from dangerous Muslim nations, we see the same violence and oppression commonplace in these Sharia regimes spreading in our own democracies. Instead of demanding that our hostile guests adopt our progressive values, we embrace their barbaric culture and ideology in the name of diversity. Unfortunately, this so-called diversity is appearing more disturbingly homogenous with each wave of asylum seekers.

In European nations that have taken in the most migrants, not only does migrant crime skyrocket but so does the abuse and subsequent silence of their non-Muslim hosts. In an attack that is not being considered a hate crime, a white Swedish female inspector was set upon by a 28-year-old Somali migrant after she made the mistake of asking him to pay for a ticket because he had boarded the train without paying.

According to Fria Tider, the woman, who has not been named, was making her rounds checking passengers’ tickets when she approached the unidentified Muslim migrant. At the end of June, the Somali proudly declared to the female inspector that he had no ticket but, after some coaxing, finally agreed to pay the fine. When he saw how much money he’d be required to cough up, he violently attacked the woman, punching her in the chest and threatening to kill her.

When they refused to allow him to leave, he accused the woman and those detaining him of being “racists,” charging, “Are you racist, or?” suggesting that they were only calling the police because he is a Somali Muslim.

He starts calling me a lot of ugly things and threatens me by saying, ‘I’m going to f**k your mother,’ ‘I’ll find you,’ and ‘I know how you look,’ among other things,” said the woman during the interrogation. “He walks after me with my pad and just screams that we cheat people out of money and that he’s going to f**k my family, he’ll look me up, and he’ll never forget what I look like. My heart rate is very high and I feel a lot of discomfort.”

The woman explained that after harassing her, he finally punched her in the chest before being detained by 2 security officers.

“He comes to me and points in my face and says he will look me up. Before he goes, he turns around and strikes me hard in my chest with his fist. The blow hit me near my armpit and it hurts very much,” she said.

The migrant continued to spit at her and spew threats, adding that R#8220;Malmö is small” enough for him to be able to track her down and that “I’ll be out in six hours and then you’ll see,” referring to how often migrants are released after committing violent crimes.

Expectedly, the migrant was sentenced weeks later in Malmö District Court to just 2 months in jail for threats of death, violence against officers, threats toward officers, assault against officers, and resisting arrest. Despite having a criminal record that includes 30 different counts against him, the court ruled that there is no reason to deport him, leaving him the opportunity to fulfill his deadly promise to his female victim in just a few weeks’ time.

Just 2 months earlier, Breitbart reported that an Iraqi migrant assaulted a Swedish female inspector after she asked to see his wife’s ticket. Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, accused the woman of racism for asking to see the veiled woman’s ticket, despite the fact that all passengers were asked to provide their proof of purchase. Hussain also punched a male passenger in the face and stabbed another 4 times when they attempted to detain him.

Because the Quran teaches that men are superior to women and must, therefore, violently reprimand them, these migrant offenders are simply adhering to their religious commands when an inferior woman offends them by expressing authority. Not only do believe that their victims deserve physical retaliation for such disrespect, they understand that Allah considers Muslims superior to non-Muslims.

This is the culture and religion the left has embraced under the guise that all cultures and religions are equal. Indeed, they are defeating their own stance on feminism, equality, and diversity by aligning themselves with the world’s most violent and oppressive ideology.

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