Black Pastor Has 1 Question For Liberals Protesting Charlottesville Confederate Monument

After denouncing both sides in the Charlottesville protests, Bishop E.W. Jackson has one question for black liberals. (Photo credit: Screenshot of broadcast/YouTube, Screenshot of news feed/YouTube)

As white supremacists and violent Antifa fascists clash in Charlottesville, Virginia, over a historical Confederate monument, a black preacher was looked to for a statement denouncing the racist whites. However, instead of merely bashing the white rioters, the pastor had a burning question for the leftists who demand the removal of “racist” icons.

Although conservatives and Republicans have widely condemned the white supremacist movement taking place in Charlottesville, the left continues to justify the ironically-named anti-fascist uprising, which condones violence and the infringement of human rights for their political agenda. Unfortunately for the left, not every person of color has fallen for their anti-American propaganda which purports that the U.S. is an awful, racist nation.

Bishop E. W. Jackson was apparently so sick of hearing liberals and the black community constantly howl over historical objects that he decided to ask the Charlottesville protesters one simple question. Taking to Facebook, Jackson not only condemned both sides but slammed black rioters for staying under the left’s thumb by allowing themselves to be ceaselessly distracted by Confederate flags and monuments by asking what destroying pieces of history has to do with furthering minority rights, according to Breitbart.

“I have seen those [Confederate] monuments,” he said. “My family and I have not given them a second thought, to tell you the truth, because what do they have to do with us? Nobody bothers us, nobody’s harassing us. We never really cared.”

Jackson explained that he’s not personally offended by Confederate objects and believes that it is the right of Americans to express their beliefs, adding that removing pieces of history is “preposterous” and “ridiculous” because the icons in question helped America become the great nation it is today. While he doesn’t support Confederate memorabilia himself, he hopes that both sides will begin to focus on unifying symbols such as the American flag.

“I defend anybody’s right to fly a Confederate flag on your pickup truck, on your property – put them anywhere you want…You’re not going to find any person in American history who was perfect, just like you and I are not,” Jackson continued. “To deny the tremendous contribution to the notion of freedom and to the idea of each human being living out their God-given potential is also … preposterous … they illuminated the whole world with the idea of what it really means to be free!”

Jackson added that both extreme political movements are two sides of the same racist coin which desire division and chaos. Furthermore, Jackson reminded that the white supremacists who used Christian symbols to further their racist policies “aren’t any more Christian than the last rats you saw in the sewer,” adding that they fit in perfectly with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, Jackson doesn’t deny that America has historical blemishes, including racism and slavery. However, he reiterated that our nation has come a long way from these inhumanities, although the left desires our regression into a racial division.

“The farther we get from [God], the more people find reasons to hate one another,” the bishop said, noting that the country has made great progress in the area of racial equality, though some may not want Americans to enjoy that fact.

This isn’t the first time Jackson’s made waves in the black community. The bishop has caused outrage among black liberals by calling for minorities to leave the “Anti-Christian” Democratic Party of slavery and racism. Jackson was also known for repeatedly denouncing former President Barack Obama, especially concerning the leader’s criticism of Christianity.

Because Jackson holds conservative values, he has been a target of the left’s racism and hate, proving that liberals do not want blacks to think for themselves but think how the Democratic Party instructs them. Jackson understands that the left promotes the genocide of minorities through abortion, which sees minorities slaughtered far more the white majority.

He sees that the Democratic Party has kept the black community impoverished and economically enslaved through incentives such as welfare and privilege. He also recognizes that liberal organizations continue to encourage minorities to segregate and hate white conservatives, despite the fact that their white liberal masters have total control via political influence.

By making minorities believe that America, which is the freest country on earth, is really just an oppressive slave nation, the Democratic Party has secured the minority vote. We applaud Jackson for not only condemning both of these racist groups but also pointing out that this is all part of the left’s plan to divide and conquer.

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