WATCH: Gangs Of Texas Thugs Loot Houston Businesses — Forget 1 Important Detail

Shocking video footage has emerged out of a flooded Houston, Texas, following the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. The unbelievable clip shows gangs of thugs invading abandon businesses to loot and plunder unattended merchandise. Now, cops are using this shocking footage to try to identify these feral criminals to put them behind bars after many of the looters forget one very important detail — but it’s too late now.

According to the video uploaded by LiveLeak, looting continues to be rampant in an already devastated Houston, Texas, as residents struggle to survive the rising water levels. Shockingly, gangs of thugs in the city are taking the opportunity to loot unguarded stores for literally anything they can put their hands on.

As the shocking footage begins, you will notice the looting took place on Sunday, August 27, 2017, as indicated by the date on the screen. Multiple thieves can be seen in what appears to be an electronics or cell phone store carrying out armloads of whatever they grabbed off of the shelves.

This merchandise isn’t free. Someone who owns that small business paid for it with their own money and is going to take a tremendous loss on it. This kind of sick behavior deserves a lengthy jail sentence. Unfortunately, the thuggery only gets worse.

The video, also uploaded to YouTube, shows the criminals trashing the store, and many of them have taken a moment to conceal their identity by covering their heads. However, several others, who probably think they will get away with stealing, have forgotten to cover their faces. These are the images cops will be able to use to identify them in the months to come. It may take some time for these suspects to be identified, but Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has promised retribution for their crimes, according to local news source ABC13.

The shocking footage shows a group of three suspects walking into a larger store and then a group of eight going in together. This kind of collective crime is a symptom of how sick these people are and how self-entitled they feel. Some people might argue that these suspects should be able to take items for survival if they lack basic resources, but even that point of view is flawed.

These criminals are on video taking cell phone accessories, televisions, and other items that are of no use whatsoever in a natural disaster. They are simply cashing in on the opportunity to steal at a time when the cops are busy trying to save lives, and that’s a kind of sickness that’s inexcusable.

While many have covered their faces to avoid prosecution, some of their less intelligent friends are wandering around in the stores with their faces showing. Once the Houston police are able to identify these individuals, they can make them turn in other people who were not identified on the surveillance tapes. The sick behavior of these people is downright infuriating. Several Houston residents have already lost their lives and tens of thousands are struggling to escape death as these criminals capitalize on the mayhem. They truly deserve whatever punishment comes their way in the days to come.

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