WATCH: Thug Tries To Loot Wrong Store, Fed-Up Texans Make Him Pay Embarrassing Price

Things are tough in Houston right now, and that’s putting it mildly, despite the overwhelming response of kindness and generosity from around the country. Proving just how bad things are, a thug tried to steal from a store after it opened its doors. Too bad for him, a few fed-up Texans would show him that he picked the wrong store to rob – and that’s about the time they made him pay an embarrassing price.

Just as President Donald Trump has most recently said, what is happening across our country right now is completely remarkable. Although there is pain, suffering, and even death in Texas right now, America is pulling together to help those in need in any way they can.

We’ve seen people travel from all parts of this nation to help rescue stranded citizens in the flood, people are donating millions of dollars, and essential supplies (food, water, diapers, etc.) are being given faster than volunteers can hand them out.

However, not everyone is quite so generous in these times, and some have even actually started to take advantage of the kindness of others. Proving just that is a video reportedly shot in Houston, Texas, after a thug decided that he would try to steal from a store rather than pay for what he needed.

According to Live Leak, the video was allegedly captured at a Foodarama grocery store in Houston after they decided to open their doors so that people affected by the devastating flood can get some things that haven’t been available to them for quite some time. However, one thug decided that he would simply try to loot the business rather than do the right thing.

Too bad for the thief, Texas is just about fed-up with people breaking the law simply because they think they’re entitled to do whatever they want. Without a second thought, four or five onlookers sprang into action after seeing the man exit the store holding “chips, dip, and sweets” without paying, according to World Star Hip Hop.

Just like that, they chased the man down and quickly apprehended him in the parking lot. Fortunately, there was an officer nearby who quickly put his training to use. However, the fight was far from over.

As can be seen in the footage, the desperate criminal would not comply with the officer’s orders despite being told to lay on the ground repeatedly. Too bad for him, the assisting Texans were about to show just how fed-up they were with people like this and were more than eager to force the thug to pay an embarrassing price.

Although the officer couldn’t get the punk in cuffs, he was no match for the other men who quickly stepped in to teach him a valuable lesson in pain compliance. With some kneeling on the man’s back and head, others took to bending his arm behind his back.

Handcuffs were finally slapped on the guy, but he wasn’t done whining. Despite being soaking wet with his shorts halfway down from the struggle, the thief still didn’t want to comply when he was told to stand up.

You can’t just take what isn’t yours, and if you want something, you better be prepared to pay for it. Fortunately, punks like this don’t stand a chance in Houston. After all, they don’t say “don’t mess with Texas” for nothing — and this guy found out exactly why it’s a bad idea.

Source: MadWorldNews

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