Muslim Woman Unleashes Nasty Surprise At Man When She Sees His Shirt

High on immigrant entitlement, a woman was at school when a white guy walked on campus, and she didn’t like what she saw. With one look at what was on his t-shirt, she made a disgusting demand before unleashing a nasty surprise on the man who had the perfect response.

Since much of the Muslim woman is concealed by her pink hijab, her identity is not known, in addition to the fact that she didn’t feel that she needed to give anyone her name. Enjoying a free education and all the advantages of being in a country that took in far too many Muslims, she now feels like she can bark orders around at white citizens who were there before she was.

As soon as she saw a former Curtin University student walk onto campus in Perth, Australia, she told him to “f*ck off” and that he had no right to be there, not because she knew him personally, rather it was one name on his shirt that set her off. Dennis Huts had an appointment at his alma mater but was instead met with a vile rant from this mysterious Muslim woman who didn’t like that he was supporting a right-wing politician with his shirt, who is adamant about ending the Muslim immigration into Australia.

According to Express, Huts’ shirt showed his support for conservative leader Pauline Hanson who has publicly proclaimed that “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims.” The Muslim woman accused Huts of “demonizing Muslims” by wearing a Hanson-supporting shirt, called him a “fascist,” and demanded that he has no right to be at the school and must leave immediately. When he refused to back down to the woman who had no right to kick him out of the public area, things got heated in a hurry, and he began to record her tirade.

Making a huge scene to get attention and sympathy from others, the Muslim woman shouted, “He is a proto-fascist. He has no right to be here. All he wants to do is demonize Muslims. Muslims have had enough. Get off this campus, you’re not welcome here!”

Huts told her he was there for an appointment and wasn’t leaving simply because she’s offended. The woman ended her vicious rant on the guy by saying, “Respect our rights. F*** off, move on,” while she didn’t think she needed to do the same for him.

Huts uploaded his video on social media to prove who is really the problem here and why immigration needs to stop, but as soon as it began to go viral, he was shut down and banned from the site for 30 days, but copies of the video still exist on YouTube. It’s ridiculous that she can publicly ridicule him, but he can’t share it even though she knew he was filming her when she decided to go off on him and carried on with her rant.

People who immigrate to a country and act like a fool shouldn’t be more protected than the natural-born citizens. It’s because of this that she shouted her entitlement at him, believing that she has more rights than he does.

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