Man Buys Hurricane Supplies Online, Shocked To See What’s Hidden In Box When It Arrives

When a young man from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, heard that a hurricane was barreling towards his home, he decided to get prepared and order some hurricane supplies online. However, when the package arrived, he was left shocked to see what was hidden inside the box when it arrived.

After learning that Hurricane Irma was heading straight for Florida, Brian Humphreys, like others across the state, decided to get prepared and buy some much-needed essentials. However, in order to beat the crowds at the stores in his hometown, he turned to the Internet to order some supplies from Kmart online. Thinking that he had outsmarted the system, he was left shocked to see what was hidden inside when the box arrived at his door.

In fact, what he found was so unusual that he decided to turn to social media to share what he had found. As he expected, people were left in disbelief over what the Kmart employees had placed inside his order box, and now, it’s going viral. Remarkably, along with all of his items, Brian discovered a simple card inside the box, but that’s not even what left everyone stunned. It seems the employees took it upon themselves to include a little something inside the card as well.

“I ordered some hurricane supplies from Kmart online,” Brian wrote in his Facebook post. “When the box arrived I found this card inside from the employees at the Kmart in Hillsboro, Ohio. There really are some awesome people in the world,” he added, along with photos of the shocking discovery.

According to Love What Matters, the outside of the card read, “Just thought it might cheer you to know that someone’s been thinking of you…” with the word “Floridians” handwritten below the inspiring message. But, that’s not all. When he opened up the card, $25 fell out, and message inside read, “And wishing you Floridians brighter, better tomorrows. From 4 employees from Kmart in Hillsboro, Ohio. P.S. We wish it was more!”

Although it’s heartbreaking to see so many people affected by the wrath of multiple hurricanes, there is one thing good that has come from it — kindness. People from all across the country have put aside their differences and have come together to help in as many ways as they can. Some people have traveled to the affected areas, others have donated items, while some have done exactly what these employees at Kmart did – offered whatever they could to make someone smile.

It may seem like the world is a disgusting place, full of nothing but hate, but that is not the case. The media thrives off of the ugly in the world and doesn’t want to show us all the kind things people are doing for one another. Luckily, thanks to social media, we have the power to bring uplifting stories of unity to the masses, so don’t forget to pass it on.

The next time you get a chance, provide a random act of kindness to someone in need – not only will it make you and them smile, but it will prove that there is still hope in the world. God intended us to do what is best for one another, and when we’re all struggling in this life, it wouldn’t hurt to make one another smile every once and awhile.

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