Little Girl Yanks Silver Chain At Lake, Solves Tragic Two Year Mystery

A little girl was swimming in a small Oregon lake when she saw something silver stuck in the sand. She yanked on the chain and solved a two-year mystery for another girl who had unexpectedly lost her father.

Little Journey Roldan was swimming at Blue Park Lake with her mother, Winter Roldan, when she saw a silver chain. The curious 6-year-old picked it up and realized she had just stumbled on a beautiful heart-shaped locket.

Having endured the elements, the locket was tarnished, but there was a special engraving on it that made the piece very significant. Little did the girl know just how special this find would be for another girl, who she didn’t know, but the two girls would soon be connected forever, all by happenstance.

Journey Roldan showed her mother the silver treasure she unearthed at the lake, with a unique engraving on the locket meant for just one person. “Roo, with u always, Daddy,” it said, which tugged on Winter Roldan’s heartstrings and immediately made her want to return this unique memento to whoever “Roo” was.

Realizing this wasn’t your average costume jewelry, Winter went to work as soon as she and her daughter got home from the lake, by posting the find on a Facebook community lost and found page, with a photo and a description of where it was discovered. Much to the mother’s surprise, her phone rang 20 minutes after posting it, and a woman named Aimee Price was on the line.

From one mother to another, Price explained she had given her daughter Morgyn the locket in honor of her daughter’s late father who had died unexpectedly. Morgyn’s father lovingly called her “Roo,” and the silver heart held some of his ashes. Aimee wanted a way for Morgyn’s father to always be near his little girl’s heart, and this significant piece of jewelry was it. But when Morgyn lost it at the lake, two years before Journey found it, Aimee described that her daughter mourned losing her father all over again.

“It was emotional,” Price said of her daughter having spent hours looking for the locket after it accidentally slipped off her neck. “It was like he died again, and I think that was the hard thing for me and her, it just felt like we were going through it again, we were going through the grieving again,” she explained of the heartbreaking situation.

But now, thanks to an insightful 6-year-old girl, Morgyn will get the remaining piece of her father back that she’s longed for since having lost him. The timing of it all couldn’t have been better planned either. Aimee is about to be a grandmother as Morgyn is days away from giving birth and can now have a piece of her father with her to welcome her first-born into this world.

Facebook has an amazing way of bringing people and circumstances together, and this awesome instance is a perfect example of what can happen when good intentions and the Internet combine to bring something wonderful.

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