Antifa’s Leaders Caught On Undercover Video Planning Violent Event, Get Brutal Surprise

It took months for a two-man team to gain the trust of the biggest leaders in the Antifa movement and gain entry into their inner circle, hoping to conduct a sting operation and unmask the real leaders behind the violence. Once they were “in,” using burner phones and secret cameras, they were shocked by the sick plot they uncovered. Thankfully, the brave team made it out alive as the Antifa leaders got a brutal surprise they never saw coming. You don’t want to miss this.

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder released an undercover video exposing the violent leftist movement Antifa. Two undercover reporters became embedded within the “anti-fascist” group for a few weeks and caught Antifa members discussing the violent tactics they plan to use as well as weapons they plan to carry — and they got it all on video.

These are the big leaders of the Antifa movement, who are highly paranoid about their identities being exposed. In order to gain their trust, Crowder’s sidekick on his “Louder with Crowder” YouTube show, “Not Gay Jared,” was in disguise and was made to jump through a bunch of hoops, like security checks, before they allowed him into their inner circle.

The Daily Wire reported, “Crowder begins the exposé by explaining that his team of reporters has been ‘infiltrating this organization for a long time, hard.’ The result is evidence that is so damning that the authorities ended up thanking Crowder and his team for their work.”

One of the self-described “anti-fascists,” going by the pseudonym “Clark,” explains in an audio recording that his Utah-based group specifically asked the violent Antifa activists to show up in their masks and black clothing to supposedly provide “safety.” Antifa is not “one static organization,” he says, but more of an “ideology, a movement, a stance.”

Asked what the difference between Antifa and other leftist organizations is, Clark replies matter-of-factly, “The difference between them and other activists groups is the willingness to respond with violence.” Crowder’s undercover journalist, Jared, found himself in the middle of a discussion with Antifa “activists” on the Utah State campus prior to Ben Shapiro’s speaking event, and that’s when things got really scary.

Seen in the video footage, the Antifa leader called “Beth” walks up to Jared and hands him an ice pick. She is also seen handing out small knives, called “shivs.” A shiv is what criminals in jail make out of whatever they can get their hands on.

The Antifa leader who Crowder calls “transgender” asks the main leader named Will, “Do you have a gun?” He responds, “I have a, ah, like, on the border of a regular rifle and an assault weapon, and a sawed-off style shotgun.” The transgender Antifa adds, “I have a handgun.”

Crowder noted these thugs are a lot more organized than anyone thinks. They are also planning extreme violence, which is why they have guns and shivs. But, if anything was shocking, it was the mainstream media’s response to this undercover video. While the police were so thankful to get the video, the mainstream media wouldn’t touch it.

The Daily Wire reported, “[W]hen Crowder tried to get some of the media to find out more about what his team uncovered, reporters were strangely uninterested in learning about the violent leftist group. Crowder concludes the video by asking, ‘Is the media complicit in all of this, or do they just suck at their jobs?’”

The police immediately went into action after viewing the video and arrested the Antifa leaders. They were shocked that someone had played them and was able to get into their inner circle; they never saw that coming. If we learned anything from this video, it’s that Antifa is supported by major organizations, many tied to George Soros, and their leaders are full-time employees. They are waiting for the right moment to bring out their firepower and shivs, hoping to start a civil war. It sounds crazy, but this is exactly what they “train” for, and they will be shocked once again if they ever try to open fire on American citizens. They might want to rethink that plan; it won’t end well for them at all.

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