Naked Mom Brings Son To Field, Then Cops See What’s ‘Off’ About Her Body

A little boy ran into a Florida Salvation Army and was frantic for help, after fleeing from a field where his mom had stripped off her clothes. Emergency services soon arrived at the scene, where they made an alarming discovery about the half-naked mom’s body and what she was doing.

According to the Bradenton Herald, the unnamed 9-year-old child told authorities that his mom, 28-year-old Rachel Richards, had woken him up with an urgency that morning of December 15, and she forced him out of the motel room. The two ran across the street to a field, where she pulled off her pants and underwear, then told her son to go get help.

Distressed and confused by the sudden situation, the boy didn’t know what was going on. He fled to the first place he could, which was thankfully the Salvation Army, and explained that his mom told him that she was in labor and needed help. Personnel at the rescue center called for help, but when they arrived at where she was allegedly giving birth, they were met with a scene they weren’t entirely prepared for.

The local newspaper in Bradenton reported that Richards and her son were rushed to Manatee Memorial Hospital, where staff alerted Bradenton Police to a possible case of child neglect. The mother had insisted that she was 38-weeks pregnant, but it was clear by the appearance of her body that she was not expecting. To make matters more disturbing, her little boy was filthy. When he was asked about the last time he ate, he allegedly told authorities that it had been so long that he couldn’t remember when he had food.

Richards was tested for drugs, considering her erratic and odd behavior, and was unsurprisingly found with opiates, marijuana, and amphetamines in her system. The Herald claimed that she also admitted to using heroin daily, the last use was one day before the false pregnancy/labor episode in the field. The mother and son had been staying in a nearby motel, where she allegedly did drugs in the bathroom while her son stayed in the main room.

The degenerate parent was arrested and charged with child neglect, and she is being held at the Manatee County jail on just a $5,000 bail. At the time of this writing, she had not been bonded out, which is a good thing for the child’s sake. Hopefully, she gets a chance to sober up in her cell while her boy gets a meal and a bath in a safe home under the care of responsible adults.

If she had enough money to buy a daily supply of all manner of narcotics, then she could have afforded food for her little boy and spared him from her traumatizing drug trip. It would be in this child’s best interest to never go back to his mother unless she can prove sustained sobriety. But even at that, what he witnessed in his young life will have a damaging impact on him that will take a long time to recover from. Returning him to her at any point too soon would likely halt his healing process.

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