Racist Rapper Blames “White People” For Gun Violence… He’s Forgetting 1 Thing

Tragedies such as the Las Vegas attack bring out the best in Americans… but unfortunately, they also bring out the village idiots.

A rap artist named “Lil B” recently used the murder of 59 people to showcase his stunning command of the English language and reasoning skills in a series of posts that were shared by thousands.

Alright, the first part may have been a lie. Actually, he showcased stunning ignorance and an appalling lack of any grip on reality.

Normally, the rantings of a musician who calls himself “The BasedGod” would be completely irrelevant in the wake of a deadly attack. Unfortunately, the level of attention that his posts received shows that many Americans share his twisted views, and that’s something that needs to be called out.

Lil B lashed out at “white people” and essentially blamed all violence on pale skin color.

“White people so scared they the reason why guns are a problem if white people put down the gunz we all be safe but nope! They vilent,” he declared, taking shall we say artistic liberties with spelling, capitalization, and grammar.

“The reason why there is a sterotype is because of white people this is yall language and philosphys lol!! Stop it! Yall are violent!” he ranted.

The rapper then revealed one of his deepest, darkest fears: White and Asian women.

“White women really scare me the most because they can be true socialpaths!” It was not clear what a “social path” is, although scientists speculate that it is perhaps a sidewalk or trail where many people gather in a group.

“And yes Latino women and Asian women are fake white!” the unhinged performer insisted.

Again, even giving this racist and illiterate nincompoop one sentence of coverage would be a waste of pixels, except for one sad fact: Countless other Americans agree with him.

In fact, far-left actress Lena Dunham recently expressed similar thoughts on Twitter, although she at least managed to use grammar slightly above the first-grade level.

Imagine for one moment if a conservative, white musician repeatedly declared on social media that he feared black women and one race — only one race — was responsible for every act of violence in the world. Do you think they would still have a platform to speak, let alone a successful career?

Lil B and others like him make the incredibly racist assumption that skin color is the single most important factor behind crime. The entire premise is insulting and bigoted, but let’s set that aside for a second.

For just a moment, let’s buy his premise that race is the most important thing to consider after a tragic shooting. It turns out that Lil B is conveniently ignoring one glaring detail: Black crime.

In reality, blacks commit far more murder in America than whites do. Even more troubling is the fact that much of the killing impacts the black community itself.

According to 2015 numbers from the FBI, white Americans did kill 4,636 people that year. That’s terrible, and it needs to come down.

However, the next number is even more shocking. Black individuals make up only 12 percent of the U.S. population, but in 2015 they committed 5,620 murders.

That’s close to 37 percent of all killings, despite being just over one-tenth of the populace.

And what about their victims? The numbers here are also staggering.

The same 2015 FBI data shows that the people inflicting the most harm on black Americans are other blacks. Sadly, in all of the cases where the race of the murderer was known, black victims were killed by other blacks 81 percent of the time.

The narrative of violent white-on-black oppression so commonly spread by groups like “Black Lives Matter” is also destroyed by one look at the charts. White-on-black murder killed 229 people, but black-on-white attacks killed a shocking 500 victims.

In other words, twice as many white Americans were killed by black attackers, than the other way around.

Let’s be clear: Race does not make anybody good or bad. That is up to each individual, and Americans of all colors want crime to come down across the board.

However, if celebrities want to lecture people about race and violence, they need to actually know what they’re talking about.

If black figures like this rapper truly want to help save lives in their communities, they could start by having a frank discussion about black crime rates, instead of going on unhinged race-baiting rants.

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