Actress Accusing George Bush Sr Of ‘Sexual Assault’ Has ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Of Her Own

Heather Lind is a Hollywood and Broadway actress, but you had probably never heard her name before Tuesday. That’s because the D-list performer shot to fame almost instantly when she accused former President George H.W. Bush of sexual assault. As it turns out, though, Lind has a “dirty little secret” of her own.

According to Daily Mail, in a longwinded Instagram post on Thursday, Lind accused Bush Sr. of sexually assaulting her from his wheelchair during a private screening for a historical television show that she starred in four years ago.

So, why suddenly accuse the 93-year-old former president of grabbing her backside now? Could it be to deflect some of the negative press from Harvey Weinstein, a major Democratic donor, and turn everyone’s attention towards a well-known Republican?

Perhaps the best indicator of Lind’s motives is her own social media posts from past months. Not surprisingly, she is a hardcore liberal who volunteers for Planned Parenthood in her spare time. A supporter of Hillary Clinton, Lind hates President Donald Trump and the GOP, but she’s a big fan of notorious feminist Gloria Steinem.

Heather Lind has spoken out about politics on social media. On Instagram, Lind posted a photo of Hillary Clinton with the caption “#yaaaskween 💋” She also posted a photo of Gloria Steinem’s book “My Life on the Road,” writing, “Recommended reading/re-reading for all in this moment. The power of MOVEMENTS. The strength of ORGANIZING. The evidence of PROGRESS. The respect for BALANCE. And the offering MEMORY has for us as we strive for PEACE. (It will make you feel better, I promise.) ❤️”

She also has a Twitter page, but her recent posts are mostly about her acting role on AMC’s Turn. She wrote more about politics during the presidential campaign season. In 2016, she retweeted someone else’s comment that said, “Sorry, Trump and Pence. There’s nothing more ‘broad shouldered’ than a power pants suit. #VPDebate.” Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, Lind wrote on Twitter, “yes take a breath #hill. take a breath. #debatenight #Debates2016 #HillaryClinton.” On November 9, 2016, she wrote that she had registered to volunteer for Planned Parenthood, saying, “Registered to volunteer for @PPFA to help support #womensrights in my city! #backtowork🇺🇸.” [Source: Heavy]

As the liberal media has a field day and attempts to help Heather Lind tarnish the reputation of our oldest living former president, the most important thing to remember is this: the actress has absolutely no proof whatsoever that what she is claiming is true. It’s her word against his. Keep in mind that she’s a paid performer.

Furthermore, Lind has deleted her Instagram post detailing the alleged “sexual assault” which supposedly took place four years ago, lending major doubt to her account of events. It certainly appears that Lind has ulterior motives for accusing Bush Sr.

Heather Lind’s claims have greatly increased her celebrity status, for one, and they effectively took the spotlight off Harvey Weinstein. Perhaps the most likely motive for her attack on George H.W. Bush four years after the fact, though, is her hatred for the Republican Party and its values. After all, if she’s really so concerned about women being preyed upon, where is her outrage over Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner?

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