WATCH: Violent Sex Offender Stabs Oklahoma Cop Twice, Gets Instant Brutal Justice

A graphic video has emerged out of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, where a violent sex offender ambushed a cop and stabbed him twice with a knife. Now, the clip has gone viral after the punk got a brutal dose of instant justice, and rightfully so.

According to local news source 5News, the incident took place at approximately 4:25 p.m. on Friday, October 20, 2017. The shocking body camera footage has just been released by the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office. The clip gives the public an unfiltered look at what cops deal with on a daily basis in our country and demonstrates the tremendous sacrifices that some members of our law enforcement community make to protect and serve the public.

Sequoyah County Undersheriff Greg Cox said that Deputy Christian Good and Muldrow police officers went to serve two warrants and arrest 30-year-old Phillip Trammell on Friday afternoon and were forced to search the home when the suspect could not be located. Trammell was wanted for child support, forgery, and out of compliance with sex offender registry, according to Inside Fort Smith.

At the beginning of the clip, Deputy Good and the Muldrow police officer are seen entering the home where Trammell is suspected to be hiding out. After searching the living room, the cops make their way back into the bedrooms where, unbeknownst to them, Trammell was hiding under a pile of clothes on the floor.

“There he is, show me your hands, show me your hands,” said Deputy Good as Trammell sprang up from under the clothing pile and lunged at Deputy Good. However, this would be the last time Trammell assaulted anyone after the deputy dished out brutal justice as he was stabbed twice by the thug.

“F*ck you mo-fo, f*ck you b*tch,” Trammell yelled as he stood up and brandished a knife at the two officers, who told him to “Back up.” Then, he made a demand that he’d quickly regret as the officer was forced to oblige. “Shoot me, mother-f*cker, shoot me,” yelled Trammell.

In an instant, Trammell lunged at deputy Good and stabbed him twice before he was dropped to the floor by multiple rounds from Good’s firearm. That was it for Trammell, who died on the spot, and rightfully so. The graphic footage then goes on to shows deputy Good dealing with the shock of just having shot a thug to death and being stabbed twice.

“He stabbed me,” said deputy Good as he rushed to the front door and radioed for help. A woman in the home is seen standing in the doorway asking the officers, “Did you shoot him?” The woman was obviously in shock and one of the Muldrow police officers follows her back to the bedroom where Trammell’s body is lying lifeless on the pile of clothes. “Is he breathing?” the officer asked to which the woman responded by screaming, “No, don’t let him die.”

The footage is truly mind-blowing. After seeing it, I had to shake my head and wonder who would want that kind of job and how could such a person maintain the will to protect and serve with so many degenerates in society spewing anti-cop rhetoric. Honestly, the clip just makes me more disgusted with the cop-hating crowd. Listening to his voice as he radioed for help, it’s obvious this wasn’t something Good enjoyed, and it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

How can anyone watch this shocking footage and not have a tremendous amount of respect for cops? Perhaps this video should be shown at the beginning of a few NFL games on the jumbotron next Sunday before the “kneelers” take the field to protest our law enforcement community. Then, they can spend the next 2 hours earning obscene amounts of money while armed police provide safety and security for everyone at the game.

Our prayers go out to Deputy Good and the other officers involved in this incident. The brutal reality here is that if it weren’t for heroes like Deputy Good, thugs like Trammell would be free to carry out vile acts on innocent people without consequence. The next time you see an officer, please thank them for their sacrifice and extremely hard work. They deserve our respect.

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