Trump Busts Hillary & Jeb Bush In ‘Secret Plot’ To Overthrow Him, This Will Blow Your Mind

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have just been caught in a “secret plot” that started back in 2016 to overthrow President Donald Trump. This explosive breaking news was just leaked to the press, and the plot goes all the way to the FBI under James Comey. Hillary and Jeb are freaking out as Trump just issued a dire warning about their futures. You don’t want to miss this as Trump called it “the biggest political crime in the last 50 years.”

When Jeb Bush announced that he was running for president, Donald Trump was not in the race. Trump was not even considered by the GOP elite as someone who would get into the race, and if he did, they thought of him as a joke. It was to be Jeb Bush’s turn in 2016, and the biggest GOP donors backed him as their guy.

The Republican Party started out with two types of candidates. Those who are part of the GOP elite, including Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Lindsay Graham, Carly Fiorina, and Rick Perry, and those who the GOP elite hated; namely, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rand Paul. Bush was slated to be the candidate, and the rest of the GOP elite candidates knew they really didn’t have a chance to win, so they were on board to eventually back Bush.

Cruz, Walker, and Rand Paul were the GOP elites only problems — that is until Donald Trump came down the escalator and changed everything. When Trump started gaining steam in the presidential race, the Bush people panicked. They were working with Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch, who suggested hiring a firm called “Fusion GPS” to do hardcore “opposition research” to take out Trump.

That “opposition research” would later morph into the “Russian Dossier” that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid $5 million dollars for. Opposition research alone is not a problem, what Hillary had Fusion GPS turn it into is the problemThe Conservative Treehouse reports, “One of the most significant falsehoods is that the dossier origins began with an unknown GOP entity within the primary. This narrative is entirely false.”

They go on to explain, “The ‘Russian Dossier’ did not begin assembly until after it was commissioned by Hillary Clinton and the DNC (June 2016). Prior to that, Fusion GPS was simply doing opposition research on behalf of a Trump opponent [Jeb Bush] which (stopped April 2016).” This is an extremely important point as the liberal mainstream media is trying to say that Hillary and the DNC really did not do anything wrong. Their big talking point is that “it was a GOP candidate who started the Russian Dossier,” which is not true. What Jeb started was “opposition research,” but he is not off the hook.

After Bush was annihilated by Trump in February 2016, his camp was angry as hell and went to Hillary to alert her to the opposition research. Remember, one of Jeb Bush’s top campaign donors funded Hillary Clinton after Jeb left the race, as Politico reported.They obviously wanted Trump to lose.

So, in a “secret plot,” Jeb Bush gave Hillary Clinton the loaded gun to take out Trump in the form of the “opposition research” and funding from his biggest donors. It’s enough to make you sick — a fellow GOP candidate colluding with the Democrats — but it makes sense to them since they are all on the same globalist team with Hillary.

Here’s Hillary’s tweet one year ago on her birthday, sure of her big win, and another tweet one week before the election, starting the Trump-Russia collusion fake narrative, even though she knew she was the one colluding:

It was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that had Fusion GPS hire ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, who went to Moscow and colluded with the Kremlin, fabricating fake intelligence against Trump. Here is where it gets even scarier as the FBI’s James Comey gets involved with Steele. “In October, anticipating that funding supplied through the original client [Hillary] would dry up, Steele and the FBI reached a verbal understanding: He would continue his work looking at the Kremlin’s ties to Trump and receive compensation for his efforts,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

This is what Congressman Devin Nunes discovered, and he immediately informed President Donald Trump that James Comey and the FBI used the Russian Dossier as “evidence” to get the FISA Courts to issue the wiretaps on him and his campaign. “I think that the challenge here is that if you had an unverified dossier paid for by political opponents, in this case, the Democratic party that the FBI is taking and using to open investigations into a [Trump] campaign or into other Americans,” said Nunes, according to Real Clear Politics. 

President Donald Trump and most with inside knowledge on Capitol Hill know it was Jeb Bush’s campaign that helped Hillary after he dropped out. Trump just warned Hillary and Jeb, saying, “Well they say it began with the Republicans. I think I would know but I won’t say. It’ll be determined,” adding, “Yes, it might’ve started with the Republicans early on in the primaries. I think I would know, but let’s find out who it is. I’m sure that will come out. If I were to guess, I have one name in mind. It’ll probably be revealed.” Indeed, it’s all about to explode, and this will go down as Trump just stated — “the biggest political crime in the last 50 years.”

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