Justin Bieber is serving more butt-naked Instagram posts.

The pop superstar took his abs and totally nude self to Instagram on Saturday to share a bare selfie, showing a naked Justin standing by a secluded lake with a bank of trees in the distance. See the uncensored shot here.

For many, though, the Biebs’ naked butt, tattoos, and toned body will be the only scenery they see.

“Dat ass doe,” the singer captioned the picture. He gave a photo credit shout-out to John Shahidi, the CEO of the app Shots, which Bieber has invested in.

This isn’t the first time the heartthrob has posted a naked glimpse of himself on social media. Last July, Justin posted a snap of himself completely naked on a boat while on vacation in Bora Bora.

The internet ate it up, drawing almost a million likes within hours of posting it. However, Justin soon deleted it, as he said, for “the littles” because he found out a young daughter of a friend was uncomfortable seeing his butt.

Bieber was also seen in nude full-frontal pics that were taken of him, again in Bora Bora, last October. However, those snaps were not taken or posted by Bieber. They were shot without his consent or knowledge by paparazzi using telephoto cameras. The partially blacked out photos are owned and first published by the New York Daily News. Uncensored images followed soon after.

Meanwhile, the pop icon is moving through his 114-date Purpose World Tour, after opening in Seattle, Washington on March 9.

While the shows have been wowing audiences across arenas in North America, there has been a lot of negative reaction in response to Justin canceling meet-and-greets on his tour, following his surprise announcement on Tuesday night (March 22.)

Alongside a photo of him hugging a young fan, the singer took to Instagram to explain that backstage sessions with fans leave him feeling “drained” and “mentally and physically exhausted to the point of depression.”

Bieber, who has a well documented history of depressionanxiety, and sleep issues, continued, “The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle.” He added, “and a lot on my shoulders.”

He went on to say he didn’t want to “disappoint” people and wished he didn’t find M&G’s so “hard” before adding that he wanted “to stay in the healthy mindset I’m in to give you the best show you have ever seen.”

Although the Biebs’ note was totally clear, the same can’t be said of Bkstg, the company that Bieber’s management team use to oversee the backstage VIP packages on the Purpose Tour.

Within hours of Bieber’s Instagram explanation, Bsktg rolled out statements on their website which differed from the pop star’s message.

Bkstg said the “I’ll Show You Purpose VIP” package was still the same, except for the removal of the group pic, and that fans would now get a “VIP hangout with appearances by Justin, his dancers, and his band,”

In the since-deleted post, the company informed fans who bought the $975 USD “I’ll Show You” package, that a group photo with Bieber was no longer available due to a “security incident” in a group setting at a recent meet-and-greet. TMZ later reported a potentially dangerous fan who is on Bieber’s security’s “Watch List,” got to within 10 feet of the singer at a meet-and-greet after Bieber’s second show during his recent three-day residency at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The company also insisted the top “$2,000 USD Ultimate Purpose VIP” package, which includes an individual meet-and-greet would still go ahead with the same terms. These packages include premium pit seating, which is closest to the stage.

However, everything changed on Thursday (March 24) when Bkstg posted a final update, confirming what Bieber has been saying all along: that he canceled all meet-and-greets on his tour.

The new arrangements turn meet-and-greets into VIP hangouts, which Justin doesn’t attend.

Bkstg stressed refunds were available but would not be partial. This means anyone who gets a full refund forfeits their premium concert ticket and all the elements of their package. As a result, many fans directly affected, and those who aren’t, have expressed anger and frustration online, with many saying they won’t be able to buy new tickets for the tour at reasonable prices, and that a VIP hangout without Justin being there is not worth the money they paid. A petition has been launched and the furor is snowballing.

new report claims Bieber is now urging Bkstg to offer full refunds to fans who want refunds.

“Justin has just found out about this and he is very angry,” the report states. “He had nothing to do with this. He is now suggesting that everyone who bought a package gets a FULL REFUND and gets to keep the concert ticket – for free.”

Sources allegedly told the Naughty Gossip site, “He loves his fans and knows that they had nothing to do with this. He cancelled the meetings backstage and wants to make sure that fans are not punished further by having to give up a ticket in a great seat as well. He wants this fixed ASAP.”

Whether this report is true — and, if so — whether Braun and Bkstg listen to Bieber’s alleged request remains to be seen.


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