Chicago Thug Tries To Rob Hot Dog Stand, Gives Himself Painful Karma To Groin Instead

In Chicago, Illinois, a hot dog stand was ambushed by a young thug who had plans to rob the place until things took an odd turn. After scaring employees into giving him money, the black male accidentally gave himself a dose of painful karma straight to his own grown that’s causing him to pay a very hefty price. Now, the restaurant is thankful for the unusual circumstances that saved the employees and customers from a life-threatening situation as the rest of the world is laughing at this ill-fated thug and his big mistake.

Owning and operating a business, especially in a high crime area like Chicago, always comes with the risk of danger from those who’d take from others rather than work for what they want. When one Illinois degenerate decided to turn to crime and attempted to inflict a terrifying situation on innocent people who were just trying to make a living, the business owner and employee got lucky as the robbery took a turn in their favor — but the same can’t be said for the thieving thug.

When 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy ambushed Maxwell Street Express, a hot dog joint in Chicago, Illinois, attempting to rob the place at gunpoint, he was stopped cold by his own painful mistake. Pouncy barged into Maxwell Street Express, demanding that customers and employees hand over their wallets along with the cash from the register, but he wouldn’t get far with his new funds.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, at the time of the robbery, one of the victims had reportedly been carrying a large bucket of grease. With the gun pointed at his head, the employee was trying to hand over a stack of $1 bills, but the bucket slipped, and the money flew out of his hands.

Pouncy grabbed the fallen money and started to run away while trying to secure his gun at his waist. However, as he fled, the gun accidentally went off, and Pouncy shot himself in the penis. Yes, while trying to rob a hot dog stand, the only wiener that was lost was the thug’s own.

Talk about some painful karma. Of course, now-penisless Pouncy didn’t make it very far. Surveillance cameras captured video and audio of the robbery and aftermath, which showed Pouncy struggling to make it across the street before the pain of his injuries took over and he collapsed in front of a house nearby.

Fox News reported that he was then taken to Christ Hospital, where he was later arrested by the Chicago Police and charged with two counts of armed robbery. Police also recovered the wallets Pouncy had stolen from the two men, as well as the .38 caliber pistol he used during his crime.

Not only does Pouncy have to live with the dose of painful karma he was dealt for the rest of his life, his bad luck didn’t stop there. He remains in the hospital and unable to attend his hearing, where the judge ordered him to be held without bond.

Even though customers and employees had their things stolen, they still made it out alive and well. The most violent part of the attack, oddly enough, was inflicted by the culprit on himself, who personally delivered all the karma needed directly to his groin. I don’t know about you, but I like a happy ending — something Pouncy will probably never be able to enjoy again, pun intended.

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