Liberal Witch Files For Restraining Order Against Trump, Judge Gives Her Rude Awakening

President Donald Trump is celebrating a “YUGE” win after a liberal witch tried to get a federal judge to approve a temporary restraining order in order to prevent Trump from appointing an acting director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Luckily, the judge gave her a rude awakening instead.

According to the Daily Caller, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly backed the Trump administration on Tuesday, November 29, 2017, when a nasty Obama-holdover named Leandra English tried to get a temporary restraining order approved in order to prevent President Trump from installing White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney as acting director of the CFPB.

Judge Kelly, who was appointed by Trump to the federal bench, announced that he would not be issuing a temporary restraining order against our President, therefore allowing Mulvaney to take control of the agency immediately. The previous director, Richard Cordray, reportedly resigned in late November, but before he left, he designated his chief of staff Leondra English as deputy director. This move by Cordray emboldened English to take on the President and attempt to keep him from installing a conservative to run the agency.

English is a perfect example of the liberal political machine put into place under former President Barack Obama, which seeks to maintain its death grip on our government agencies and resists any move by Trump to drain the swamp. Under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, which chartered the CFPB, the organization’s deputy director may become the acting director when the director is “absent or unavailable.” English just thought she would help herself to the director’s position and stick her nose up in the air when she learned that Trump had chosen Mulvaney.

From the moment Trump took office, this is the kind of irritating interference his administration has encountered from numerous Obama-holdovers still working in our government. They couldn’t win the election, so it appears that they will try to obstruct the process of draining the swamp by bringing these kinds of stupid cases before a court to have a judge decide.

The President exercised his authority under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act to place Mulvaney as the acting director. English sued, claiming that Trump’s appointment was unlawful and that she was the rightful director of the agency. What a dishonorable way to leave a job. English couldn’t have been more wrong about trying to tell the President what he could and could not do. It’s time for this demon hag to go home.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Mulvaney assumed the acting directorship on Monday, November 27, 2017. He immediately started working from the director’s office at the agency’s Washington headquarters. Mary McLeod who works as general counsel for the CFPB circulated a memo to the agency’s management team stating that, in her view, Trump has the authority to name an acting director. It just so happens that Judge Kelly agrees with her, and thank goodness. Perhaps now the agency can get back to serving the American people instead of fighting over who gets to wear the pants.

English, who was clearly unhappy with Judge Kelly’s ruling, said, “Today, I plan on spending the day at CFPB headquarters taking calls and meetings with external stakeholders and bureau staff.” After the court’s decision came down, Kelly promised to continue her legal fight with the President and wanted to make sure everyone knew that Kelly is a Trump-appointee. Trump should be allowed to appoint whomever he wants to whichever positions he wants without liberal idiots like English getting in the way.

Raj Shah, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary, had plenty to say about English’s disgusting attempt to keep control of the CFPB. “The administration applauds the court’s decision, which provides further support for the president’s rightful authority to designate Director Mulvaney as acting director of the CFPB.” Shah added, “It’s time for the Democrats to stop enabling this brazen political stunt by a rogue employee and allow Acting Director Mulvaney to continue the Bureau’s smooth transition into an agency that truly serves to help consumers.”


I could not agree more with Shah. Democrats need to step out of the way and quit being a thorn in the side of our President. Perhaps when the dust settles for Mulvaney at the CFPB, he will take out the trash. Until then, it looks as if English will continue her court battle with the Trump administration.

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