Sexist Michelle Unleashes Attack On Men, Crowd Shocked By What She Accidentally Let Slip

Michelle Obama was speaking at the Obama Foundation International Summit in Chicago when her speech took a turn. In fact, the sexist former First Lady suddenly unleashed an attack on men so disturbing that the crowd was left utterly shocked, and it only got worse when they realized what she accidentally let slip. Shockingly, while most of us are glad […]

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NYC Muslim Terrorist Makes Outrageous Demand, Trump Responds With Brilliant Counter-Offer

While reclining in his hospital bed after brutally mowing down and killing 8 innocent civilians, Manhattan jihadist Sayfullo Saipov made an outrageously entitled demand. However, as soon as President Donald Trump heard what the smug terrorist wanted, he made a brilliant counter-offer instead. When Barack Obama was in office, the U.S. Government’s go-to response toward terrorism was to appease the […]

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