Bomb Goes Off In NYC Subway, But There’s One Thing Liberal Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

In a shocking series of events, officials in New York City have explained that there was an explosion in the subway system. As it turns out, the blast was actually a bomb that had been purposefully set off – but there’s one thing the liberal media doesn’t want you to know about the entire ordeal.

One can only imagine what went through the heads of commuters at the Port Authority Bus Terminal after a blast went off at about 7:40 in the morning. Shockingly, things were only made worse as the public learned that it was actually intentional – but that’s not the worst part.

As it turns out, the man responsible would be left lying on the floor in excruciating pain after what appears to be a homemade “low tech” bomb prematurely detonated. Although he was trying to make his way to either the A, C, or E train, he wouldn’t get that far as the pipe bomb under his jacket went off without warning.

Shockingly, that wasn’t the only thing to be learned as information has come out rather quickly. However, it seems that liberal media networks are expectedly quiet on the topic as there’s apparently one thing they don’t want you to know about the situation.

According to a post on Twitter from journalist Steve Inskeep of NPR, police commissioner James O’Neill has named the suspect as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah. As if that wasn’t enough to tell you where this is heading, the man is reportedly “of Bangladesh origin,” a country where about 90% of the population is Muslim – but that’s not all.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the man was inspired by ISIS and possibly born in Bangladesh.

Bratton, who said the man had been living in the US for seven years, “was supposedly setting the device off in the name of ISIS.” 

“So, definitely a terrorist attack, definitely intended,” Bratton said. [Source: NY Post]

In all, 3 people were taken to area hospitals for treatment reporting “minor” injuries. As for Ullah, he’s been taken into custody and is currently receiving treatment for the injuries he sustained during the blast before he is set to head to prison and face official charges.

Shockingly, investigators briefly spoke to the alleged bomber, who told authorities that he made the explosive device at the electrical company where he works. At this point, it is believed that he worked alone to commit this act of terror, but it has yet to be verified as an investigation into the matter is underway.

As of the time of this writing, CNN has yet to release the man’s identity – even though other networks have shared the man’s name – likely because they’re currently trying to find a way to spin the news. If that’s not the case, then they’re trying to sweep it under the rug entirely.

We all know that Muslims committing acts of terrorism goes against the liberal narrative, but at this point, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore. Although it’s not politically correct to say so, we have a real threat facing the American people in the form of an ideology that’s promoting terrorism.

Furthermore, this doesn’t look good for those who have fought President Donald Trump and his stance on immigration from certain Muslim majority countries in an effort to keep Americans safe and thwart terror attacks. Sadly, it seems some “news” outlets put their liberal agenda before the truth and well-being of our citizens.

The fact that networks like CNN have the audacity to keep the truth from the American people while calling themselves “America’s most trusted news network” is beyond despicable. In fact, this is exactly how they so rightfully earned the reputation of being “fake news,” and stunts like this will keep them branded with the label. If they don’t like it, perhaps they should start reporting the truth.

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