Veterans Furious After Liberal VA Doctor Hung Anti-Trump Display In Main Hallway Overnight

A shocking incident took place at a California Veteran Affairs building after a liberal doctor decided to have a little “fun.” As it turns out, the man decided to hang an Anti-Trump display in the main hallway – and veterans were left downright furious when they saw it the following morning.

Vitals lists Dr. Eric Strong, MD, as a doctor working at the Veteran Affairs building in Palo Alto, California. Unfortunately for him, he may not be for much longer as plenty of people are calling for the man to be fired after his most recent stunt.

Dr. Strong most recently outed himself as yet another bitter leftist when he decided to abuse his government-funded position. According to The Gateway Pundit, the man is a massive hater of President Donald Trump, and now, he apparently doesn’t care who knows it.

He established an anti-Trump fan base, but what he did on his own personal time was his own business. However, the man recently sunk to a new low by disrespecting President Trump and even veterans at the place he is employed.

Allowing his political beliefs to cloud his judgment, it seems that Dr. Strong thought it would be “funny” to post a photo of Alec Baldwin as his Saturday Night Live character mocking President Donald Trump. What’s worse, Strong hung it in the place of honor at a VA office reserved for the President of the United States.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the coward has since deleted his original tweet, made his Twitter account private, and has taken to lying about it. Fortunately, a copy of the image was obtained before it was removed:

As can be seen in the image, the frame hanging in the main hallway of the VA is designated for the images of two people, the President of the United States and the Secretary of the VA. Of course, VA Secretary David Shulkin’s photo was left untouched and even matches the official photo for him posted on the VA website.

However, Trump’s photo was different – and it didn’t take people long to notice what was wrong — leaving a lot of people furious. As one would imagine, veterans and other supporters of President Trump were immediately set off and let him know exactly how he felt.

In fact, the entitled leftist who was responsible for the disrespectful act is now backpedaling, but it’s not working. For one, the image doesn’t come up on a Google image search, meaning it was likely the original. In short, it appears that Strong took and posted the image himself, meaning that he alone is likely responsible.

Although Strong shared the image with former Obama administration official Tommy Vietor, the tweet was deleted within mere minutes. Too bad for him, the damage had already been done – but rather than own up to what he did and apologize, he decided to make things worse.

As it turns out, the man is saying that he didn’t really replace Trump’s image and that the photograph was actually “photoshopped.” Too bad for him, no one is buying it. For one, the glares on the glass on top of the picture are still there, meaning that Strong would need to be proficient – to the point of being an expert – in order to pull it off.

Seeing how his time is supposed to be spent caring for veterans, it’s highly unlikely that this is the case. Of course, if he didn’t do anything wrong, then he would have no reason to delete the image or hide his Twitter profile.

The level of disdain from the left for our president is unprecedented right now, and it’s only getting worse. Too bad for Strong, people are calling for his termination after what he did, and they may just get their way. A word to the wise – if you want to be funny, you may want to pick on someone other than the man who essentially signs your paycheck.

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