WATCH: Pennsylvania Thug Screams At Lone White Guy, Quickly Made Eat His 3 Insulting Words

A shocking video has emerged out of Pennsylvania where a violent street thug thought it was a good idea to scream at a quiet, lone white guy who showed an incredible amount of restraint — until he had enough. Now, the clip has gone viral after the thug got a dose of instant brutal justice as the target of his aggression made him eat his 3 insulting words.

According to the description of the clip, which was posted to LiveLeak, the shocking incident took place at night on Monday, December 25, 2017, in Titusville, Pennsylvania. In the beginning of the video, which was also uploaded to YouTube, a street thug can be seen leaning into the face of the other man and yelling, “You a b*tch,” at least 18 times before he slaps what appeared to be a cup out of the man’s hand.

The quiet, lone white guy in the video walks over to pick up the item that was just slapped out of his hands only to have the thug continue screaming in his face. The obnoxious thug was clearly asking for a good beat down. The clip shows the white guy asking the thug if he wants to fight, and it’s clear, he is definitely becoming more annoyed as the camera rolls on.

What happened next was almost like a slow train wreck. The fed-up white guy concedes and yells, “Ok, I’m a b*tch.” This was just the flashpoint. The thug delivered a nasty punch to the white guy’s head before backing up a few steps. Those steps didn’t save him from the brutal front kick to the family jewels that the enraged white guy delivered, but it didn’t stop there at all.

After the thug received an angry foot to the groin, he was immediately met with a stunning punch to the face and then the knockdown blow. This thug should have just left the guy alone instead of sucker-punching him in the face. After the white guy knocked the punk to the ground, he immediately got on top of him and delivered blow after blow to his head.

“Oh my God,” the woman recording the incident could be heard saying. This thug probably thought he was pretty tough, screaming in the other guy’s face like that, before getting knocked down like a ragdoll. As the clip continues, the white guy grabbed the thug by the head and slammed his face down onto the asphalt. That couldn’t have tasted very good. This is when a few bystanders are seen intervening on the thug’s behalf.

The bystanders separate the two men and one of them tries to help the thug out of the street until he gets into a scuffle with him, proving some people just don’t know when to stop. the clip comes to an end as the thug gets to his feet and challenges the white guy one more time before walking away. As the thug walked away, it didn’t appear that he was completely aware of his surroundings. He definitely had his bell rung, but from the looks of it, he deserved it.


This video is a perfect example of what happens when a loud-mouthed punk who thinks he’s a tough guy gets in way over his head and can’t back up his talk. After watching the clip, I seriously wondered how the quiet white guy remained so calm for so long as the thug screamed and spat in his face.

It does seem a little moronic that none of the “brave” bystanders, who were watching the incident unfold, didn’t step in until the thug was getting a mouth full of asphalt. They could have stepped in long before that when the degenerate was screaming, “You a b*tch,” in the quiet white guy’s face and maybe prevented the thug from punching him. Regardless, I bet that the violent thug thinks twice before trying to pull this kind of behavior with someone else after not only being made to eat his words but a helping of asphalt as well, and rightfully so.

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