After Dad Murders Son, Siblings Reveal Sick Thing He Forced Them To Do To Boy’s Dead Body

It’s a truly sickening thing to learn that a step-parent has killed one of their spouse’s children. Sadly, after a man murdered his stepson over a cookie, police and the community alike have been left sickened to learn another disturbing detail about the night’s events in Seffner, Florida. Unfortunately, the sick thing involved the remaining children in the room and what the man had forced them to do with their brother’s dead body.


Jack Junior Montgomery, 31, has been charged with aggravated child abuse and felony first-degree murder after he threw his 7-year-old stepson, Brice Russell, against a wall and beat him to death at a Seffner motel. Unfortunately, the disturbing incident didn’t just involve the two of them. Brice’s siblings were in the room as well, and when police were able to question them, the children exposed one shocking detail that will send chills down your spine.

The nightmare began when the children’s mother, Donya Shenita Russell, 28, trusted Montgomery to care for her kids while she went to work. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn when an employee at the Masters Inn called authorities after hearing loud yelling coming from Montgomery’s room, which sounded like an adult male yelling, “beat the kid,” and, “push the kid over here,” according to Pix 11.

At around 1:00 a.m., the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) responded to conduct a welfare search at the room. It was then that an HCSO deputy met with Montgomery, who only identified himself as “Jack” and insisted that the loud noise was him playing loud music. At that time, he told the deputy that he was in the room with “his children” and even pushed the door open enough for the deputy to see the children sleeping in a bed. Unfortunately, the deputy did not enter the room at the time and instead cleared the call without further investigation.

Later that day, the HCSO would be called to that same room by Montgomery himself after he reported his stepson would not wake up. Brice’s body was found in the bed, cold to the touch, with rigor mortis already setting in. He was pronounced deceased at 10:59 a.m, according to Biz Pac Review. However, the three siblings have since painted quite a different picture of the night’s events, and even cops were horrified to learn what Montgomery had forced the children to do.

Not only had the three kids awoken to Brice crying in the night, but they say they witnessed Montgomery hitting their brother and throwing him around the room. It was then that Montgomery threatened the same violence on them if they did not join him and strike their brother. One of the children did strike Brice.

Unfortunately, all of the children bore witness to the moment the child was killed, when they saw their stepfather pick Brice up by the leg and threw him against a shelf along the wall. It was then that they saw blood coming from his nose and mouth, and Brice never woke up after that. Shockingly, the terrifying ordeal didn’t end there. In fact, what he forced them to do next has is truly horrifying – he forced the children sleep next to their brother’s dead body.


When asked about the incident, Montgomery told authorities that he had picked Brice up and threw him onto the bed after he found him trying to sneak out of bed to get a cookie. He said that Brice hit his head on the headboard, but that the child was fine afterward, until the next morning. The medical examiner’s office has since determined the victim’s death was the result of homicidal violence.

Hopefully, this monster will spend the rest of his life being forced to relive the moment that he killed an innocent young boy. If he currently has no remorse, perhaps when his cellmates discover what he did to this young boy, they will undoubtedly show him what it feels like to be a victim. This just goes to show that the world has truly become a sick place, and the only person you can trust with your children is yourself.

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