Teen Thug Picks Fight He Can’t Win, But What He Does To Get Out Of It Is Pure Lunacy

A shocking video has emerged online of a teen thug who got in way over his head, trying to act like a tough guy. After he picked a fight he can’t win, he resorted to pure lunacy to avoid getting his butt kicked. You don’t want to miss this.

As seen in the clip which was uploaded to LiveLeak, a shirtless teen thug with a severe potty mouth challenges another guy in the street to a fight. At first, it looks like the two degenerates are about to get it on, but then, the cocky punk gets too mouthy and realizes that the guy recording the incident is going to fight him instead. This is when the clown realizes he’s about to get the ever-loving snot kicked out of him.

The clip, which was also uploaded to YouTube, begins with two teens who appear to be squaring off in the street. One of them is wearing a black shirt, and the cocky one, who is judgment-impaired, is shirtless. Truly, there is no moral high ground in the clip as it depicts two young punks who are part of the thug culture. These guys think that beating each other in the street is what makes them men. But, I digress.

As the two teens move toward each other, the shirtless wonder asked his opponent, “What you about?” to which the other teen replied, “My *ss is ready.” For a moment, they just shuffle back and forth talking trash. The teen wearing the black shirt offers the younger punk the first hit. “Swing first,” he said.

When the cocky guy realized that his opponent wasn’t going to take the first swing, he said, “You ain’t going to do nothing.” That’s when the guy recording the “fight” had enough of the trash talk. He called his friend out of the street and told him to hold the phone. “Hey, you record, he was talking this sh*t about me,” he said.

“I’m not going to fight you, I don’t know why you came over here,” the younger thug said.

“No, you’re not going to fight me,” the man who was recording replied.

“Alright, hit me then,” said the young shirtless moron. Then, when the guy who was recording hands the phone to his friend, the young punk freaks out.

“You know what, wait, put this on camera,” the shirtless thug said. He clearly knew he was about to get his butt kicked and had come up with the perfect plan to get out of it. He was going to act like a crazy person. As the clip continues, the shirtless punk brutally punches himself in the face at least six times, resorting to pure lunacy to avoid being turned into roadkill.


The shirtless teen’s self-beating didn’t stop with the initial six or seven punches to his own face. He runs back out into the middle of the street and violently pounds his head with his fists before yelling and running onto someone’s lawn.

This guy was super desperate not to get a beat down. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that not acting like a badass in the first place would have spared him this humiliating behavior. Nah, he seems dumb as a brick.

The punk sprints back across the street while making a hideous noise that sounds like a bad impression of a pterodactyl before grabbing his shirt and taking off.

Some people online who have seen the clip got the impression that this jerk lost his mind in the middle of the fight. That wasn’t it at all. He realized that he provoked the wrong person and decided that beating his own ass was better than letting someone else do it.

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