WATCH: Dirtbag Robs Texas Store, Begs For Mercy As Fed-Up Clerk Makes Him Pay

A shocking video has emerged out of Houston, Texas, where an armed thug thought it would be a good idea to rob a cell phone store in broad daylight. Now, the clip has gone viral after the thug ended up on his knees, begging for mercy — but it was too late for that. He had to pay, and the fed-up clerk made him do just that.


According to Fox News, the shocking incident took place at approximately 11:50 a.m. on April 17, 2017. The video, also uploaded to LiveLeak, has just been released by Houston police after the suspect pleaded guilty. The footage has since spread like wildfire across the internet after proving that the old saying about criminals being stupid could not be truer.

Police said that John Bell, who was wearing a grey hooded shirt, entered the Latino Cellular store in Houston and immediately walked up to an employee and demanded money. To Bell’s dismay, the store employee refused his demand. So, Bell quickly moved behind the counter and started to help himself to whatever he wanted. This is when the clerk and other customers in the store gave Bell a nasty surprise.

One person in the video can be heard saying, “Lock him inside,” just before the employee and customers are seen exiting the store and locking the door behind them. At first, Bell didn’t realize his predicament and continued to pillage the store. After a moment, the degenerate made his way to the front door to escape, where he finally came to the conclusion that he was trapped. There was no way Bell was going to get out of that store — unless it was in handcuffs.

Initially, Bell thought he could break the door down by pushing on it. When his first attempt to force the door open didn’t work, Bell tried kicking the door down. In the clip, you can clearly see that the windows in the store’s front are reinforced by steel bars.

This is when Bell had an even dumber idea. He is seen in the video pulling out a small caliber handgun and shooting at the lock on the door. This guy didn’t care if he hit innocent bystanders outside the store, he wanted to leave in a bad way.

After he ran out of bullets, Bell panicked. He ran to the door and tried frantically to ram it and then tried to kick it down again. Then, the punk’s panicking turned into desperate begging. Bell can be seen getting on his knees and begging the store’s employee to let him out.

He repeatedly told the woman that he didn’t have anything, trying to convince her that because he no longer had merchandise, he should be freed. The employee wasn’t buying that load of bull. Hysterically, Bell even tried to pray as he waited for his impending doom.


Bell remained in the store until the boys in blue showed up and demanded that he put his hands in the air. Bell could be seen with his hands up until police came through the door. The officers told Bell to get on the ground, and he complied before they handcuffed him and took him out of the store.

I bet this clown will never hear the end of it from other inmates who will undoubtedly see the footage. Thanks to the quick thinking of the store employee, no one was hurt in the attempted robbery and the bad guy went to jail. She deserves a medal and a bonus from the store for making their business a safer place to shop.

Bell received a 5-year sentence for his attempted robbery. The video of Bell trying to rob the cell phone store is good proof that the thug life never pays. Eventually, they all get caught as a result of their own stupidity or the quick thinking of an intended victim.

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