WATCH: Thug Flying Mexican Flag Runs From The Cops On ATV, Gets Instant Karma

A shocking video has emerged out of Communist California, where a lowlife thug decided to evade the police after running a red light on an ATV. Now, the clip has gone viral after the wannabe offroader who was flying the Mexican flag got a dose of instant, brutal karma.

Most people know that it’s a dumb idea to run from the cops, but one very “special” moron from Madera, California, recently made a break for it on an ATV through neighborhood streets after running a red light and a stop sign, according to the Merced Police Department. The thug’s moment of glory was short-lived, and luckily for us, it was all caught on video.

According to The Merced Sun-Star, the incident took place on Friday, January 5, 2018. Police said that the driver of a quad ATV led officers on a chase after he darted through an intersection during a red light. Juan Mendoza, the driver of the ATV, also ran a stop sign on a right turn during the chase, before making a break for the city limits.

Because Mendoza is stupid, he thought that getting off the street and on to dirt would make his escape successful. After looking back at the officers in pursuit several times and cutting through neighborhood streets, Mendoza finally made it to a dirt field where he got his opportunity — and failed. The moment he got offroad, Mendoza flipped the ATV and caught a mouthful of dirt.

The officers ordered Mendoza to put his hands up and then to get on the ground. After nearly killing himself on the ATV, Mendoza didn’t have any problems complying with the officers’ demands. He was taken into custody without further incident. I think the officers who chased him down did a phenomenal job of catching their guy without letting any innocent bystanders get hurt in the process.

The dash cam of one of the pursuing officers captured the dangerous chase on video. The Merced Police Department released the clip to warn other civilians that running from the cops is never a good idea and that all drivers on the road must obey traffic laws.

Surprisingly, Mendoza was caught and handcuffed with only some minor bruises. In my opinion, he was lucky. People who run from the cops never seem to care much about the safety of others and often kill or hurt innocent people in their attempt to escape.

Cops arrested Mendoza on suspicion of misdemeanor evading police officers, Madera Police Sgt. Matt McCombs said, adding that the video was taken after the chase began just seconds after Mendoza ran a red light at the intersection of East Cleveland Avenue and Tulare Street.

McCombs also said that the officers who observed Mendoza’s reckless stunt pursued him more than three-fourths of a mile before he crashed and rolled his ATV. “Mendoza decided to keep driving toward the city limit,” a summary of the video states. “As you can see, Mendoza did not reach the outcome he was looking for and luckily only his pride was hurt.” Luckily, indeed. This could have ended so much worse for the Mexican-flag-waving-moron and not too many people would have felt bad for him if it did.

Madera Police Sgt. Matt McCombs said the police department posted the video as a way to remind people that traffic laws apply to all motor vehicles, including bikes and quads. He also mentioned that Mendoza was incredibly lucky to escape the ordeal without major head trauma because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. In my opinion, Mendoza is pretty stupid, to begin with, so it might not have made a huge difference. Now, he will pay the price for driving recklessly and evading the police.

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