Thug Kicks In Man’s Front Door, Family Says He Didn’t Deserve Homeowner’s Response

A man in Merced, California, was recently horrified when a drunken thug came crashing through his front door late at night. Now, the thug’s family is saying he didn’t deserve what happened next, alleging the intended victim went too far.

According to local news source ABC30, the shocking incident took place at approximately 10 p.m. on Wednesday, January 4, 2017, in Merced, California, in the 600 Block of West Yosemite Avenue. A spokesman for the Merced Police Department said that 33-year-old Moana LogoLogo had kicked in the front door of a complete stranger. LogoLogo’s family and friends are now all over social media, saying that he was simply drunk and that the home invasion victim should not have reacted with extreme prejudice.

Lt. Don King said that as LogoLogo came crashing through the front door, the victim armed himself with a shotgun. Let’s see here. There’s one drunk off his butt thug, acting like a violent rage monster, and a shotgun-wielding resident, who was scared for his life. If you think that the victim put the thug down like a rabid dog, you guessed correctly. God Bless the 2nd Amendment.

According to Lt. King, the victim fired one shot at close range, and that is all it took to bring LogoLogo down. The victim immediately called the police to report the home invasion, and when they arrived, they found one very shaken up resident and LogoLogo, suffering from a gunshot wound. The suspect was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

After speaking to the victim, Lt. King remarked, “He said he didn’t know who this individual was. He was fearful and has been very cooperative with individuals involved in this case.” Lt. King also said the suspect parked his car in the driveway of the home. They are following up on leads as to why the intruder was there in the first place.

“Detectives are following up on who the vehicle belongs too, trying to contact who his family was, some of the events that occurred leading up to the break-in, may help them determine why he chose this house,” said Lt. King.

It won’t take long for the mainstream media to vilify the armed resident for killing LogoLogo. They want you to believe that guns are bad and those law-abiding citizens who protect their lives and property are enemies of society. Of course, that is a bunch of bull. This resident had every right to protect himself, his family, and his property. He did nothing to deserve what LogoLogo did that night. This is simply a case of a violent thug meeting a violent end.

Of course, not everyone feels that way, and LogoLogo’s family and friends took to social media to claim injustice on his behalf. According to a post on Facebook from a woman named Melanie Ann, who was reportedly in a relationship with LogoLogo, this wasn’t his fault. “Stop making this man out to be a criminal. He had an addiction he was dealing with. He was drunk [and] thought he was locked out. Literally one door over. Stop and post the update,” she wrote in the comments on a news post from CBS47 Fresno.

I can understand that Melanie Ann is dealing with loss, but running to social media for sympathy was only going to backfire. Daniel Unger responded to her post, saying, “He kicked the door to a house in. How is this not criminal behavior? It’s called personal responsibility. No sympathy.” I most definitely agree. LogoLogo shouldn’t get a free pass just because he was drunk when he kicked in some poor guy’s door. Those were his decisions, and he alone is responsible for his own death. I don’t think the innocent resident who shot him should be criticized for not asking if LogoLogo had the right house.

Melanie Ann should have left good enough alone, but she didn’t. Her reply to Daniel Unger was just proof that you can’t fix stupid. She wrote, “Daniel Unger I want the news to update the story. Don’t care what you say. I kicked my door in too when I got locked out. Cheaper than a window.” I’d hate to be Melanie’s neighbor on the next night she comes home drunk and kicks in the door.

Another Facebook user by the name of Kristy Martin jumped in to back Daniel up and set Melanie Ann straight. “Melanie Ann, you are one of those types [until] you are the victim, you play with fire you get burned. I don’t give a shat (sic) about addiction, he would [have] gotten the same thing if he did this to my house. What was his agenda when he entered, was he going to cook for them or Rob and hurt them. Omg snowflake get with it, if it was you as a victim you WOULD feel DIFFERENT,” she wrote.

Well done, Kristy. Unfortunately, common sense never makes much sense to thugs or she-thugs. They don’t accept responsibility for their actions and therefore they don’t believe they should have to deal with any consequences. It doesn’t change a damn thing if LogoLogo was drunk and had an addiction problem. His life was in that condition because of his own choices. He is the one who decided to drink too much and then drive to what he allegedly thought was his home and kick the door in. The armed resident deserves a medal for protecting his own.

We’ve heard the “wrong house” excuse before for degenerates who choose to incapacitate their own mind to that point, but there’s one other question that these people who use it as a defense seem to ignore. If their loved one was so blitzed out of their mind that they couldn’t even recognize their own home, what might they have done to the people who they would perceive as intruders in what they believe to be their house in that delusional state of mind? Luckily, this homeowner didn’t wait to find out.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. An innocent man and his family in Merced, California, are alive and well because he was prepared to meet and beat evil when it darkened his doorstep. No matter what the mainstream media tells you, a thug who kicks in your door is responsible for what happens on the other side of it, even if it means his death.

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