Horrific moment man stabs two strangers outside a wine bar

A man has admitted to stabbing and slashing at two strangers outside a bar – just hours after punching and biting his elderly mother and then burning down her house.

Darren Stephens, 43, stabbed two strangers in an attack outside a bar in St Kilda, Melbourne in October after a disagreement.

He pleaded guilty to the attack on Friday, and also admitted to punching his mother, biting her left thumb and then returning to her house to set it on fire, according to Nine News.

Both frenzied attacks occurred within 18 hours of each other.

Stephens punched and choked his mother at her home in Bentley on October 6, putting her in a headlock as she tried to call police.

She tried to eye gouge Stephens but her son then bit her left hand, almost severing her thumb.

After the attack her returned to her home and burnt it down to the ground.

The next night, Stephens pulled a 30cm knife on two men outside a wine bar.

He stabbed one man in the arm and another in the stomach, leaving wounds which would require multiple stitches.

The man who was stabbed in the arm had to have part of his tricep surgically removed.

One of the men who was stabbed can be seen grabbing a chair to defend himself, as Stephens calmly walks away in a bizarre ending to the savage attack.

Stephens’ mother was in court to see him plead guilty to arson and assault.

Police found communication on his computer which showed him boasting about the attacks, saying ‘Damn it… I even kind of started to eye gouge my own mother’.

‘That was f***ing exciting, firetrucks and cop cars everywhere.’

Stephens is due to appear before the County Court in March to be sentenced

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