Crazed Woman Goes On Taco Bell Rampage With Tire Iron, But That Wasn’t Her Biggest Mistake

A crazed woman recently decided to head to a local Taco Bell, where she’d attempt to place her “order” with a tire iron. Too bad for her, she soon got so much more than she bargained for — and rightfully so. Luckily for us, it was all caught on camera.

The incident took place in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where drive-thru customers were shocked to see a woman walk up to a local Taco Bell with a tire iron. Things would only get worse as they saw her raise the weapon and begin to swing it around, leaving destruction in her wake.

Police would later identify the crazed suspect as 52-year-old Zette Lea Madden, who was able to completely destroy the restaurant. According to NewsOK, the deranged woman started with the menu for the drive-thru. After smashing the glass in the display, she then went and did the same to the drive-thru window.

Looking for more things to break, Madden walked to both of the entrance doors and hit them with the tire iron, shattering the glass on impact. However, things were about to get a lot worse as she then decided to go inside the store. As one would imagine, frightened employees grew more concerned as she was rapidly approaching.

Shockingly, Madden wasn’t done with her violent spree and walked behind the counter before smashing a nearby cash register. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the crazed woman then made things exponentially worse by demanding that employees open the cash register and “give her money.”

By this time, an employee was already on the phone with the police, who quickly sent out an officer to respond. Within just a few short minutes, a cop was on the scene, but things would get much worse before they got better.

“When officers arrived on scene they found Madden inside the business holding the tire iron. She allegedly began thrusting the tool in ‘short, stabbing motions’ when the officer told her to drop the item,” Fox 25 News reports. That’s about when Madden learned the hard way what a big mistake she was making.

Fearing for the safety of the Taco Bell employees being held inside, the officer in question sought to quickly put an end to the bizarre encounter. After drawing his taser, Madden got quite a bit more than she bargained for as she was easily dropped to the ground and left screaming in pain.

Since the time of the incident, the Oklahoma City Police Department has released the body camera footage, showing exactly how criminals like this are treated. Although the woman was given several chances to put the tire iron down and come out peacefully, she instead opted to have 50,000 volts of electricity run through her body.

Just like that, the police officer was forced to deploy his taser on the non-compliant suspect. As a result, Madden’s body was sent helplessly plummeting to the ground as she cried out in agony. At that point, the crazy lady was more than willing to do exactly what the officer directed her to do. Not wanting to be tased again, Madden immediately became compliant and simply placed her hands behind her back.

Shockingly, this apparently wasn’t the first time these restaurant employees had a run in with the crazed woman. Come to find out, she was living in a vehicle behind a nearby club and had previously been caught stealing soda from the Taco Bell fountain.

It doesn’t matter how many of these videos someone sees, they’re always extremely gratifying to watch. Unfortunately, there’s a simple message here that criminals still don’t seem to understand — actions have consequences. If these idiots want to keep playing stupid games, people will always be willing to watch them win each and every one of their much-deserved stupid prizes.

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