Thug Takes Package That Isn’t Hers, Backfires As She Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Karma

Thanks to surveillance video footage that recently emerged out of Washington state, we get to see a thieving thug truly getting what they deserve. The now viral clip shows one female thief taking a package that isn’t hers, and she quickly comes to regret it when she receives a brutal dose of instant karma.

No one likes a package thief, especially David Ababneh from Bothell, Washington. Thankfully, when one thug and her male partner-in-crime decided to steal from David, he was prepared and had a security camera set up to catch the thieves in the act. After one package was recently stolen off his porch, he went straight to the footage to see who did it, but he was soon left even more shocked by what he had actually captured – the thug getting a brutal dose of instant karma.

The female package thief was captured on home security cameras stealing what David later identified to be three boxes, one of which was a box of expensive medication. The incident happened at a home on Filbert Road that was equipped with a Nest security camera.

The video captured by the security system shows two people in a car scoping out houses until they spotted the medication package on the victim’s doorstep. As seen in the video, as soon as the woman saw the packages, she jumped out of the car and ran up to the house to grab them.

After she successfully grabbed what wasn’t hers, she turned back around to run to her partner as he waited in their escape vehicle — and that’s when karma bit her big time. In fact, she slipped and fell so hard it appears she may have broken her ankle.

Since she was unable to walk, according to Blue Lives Matter, her male partner had to get out of the vehicle and physically come to her rescue and carry her back to the car. Of course, since he’s a scumbag thief as well, he returned to get the package that she had dropped.

Although they were successful in stealing the items, David posted the video to Facebook to get some help with identifying the package thieves. “Hopefully someone can ID the scumbags,” he wrote along with the video. “Gotta love Karma though, serves them right,” he added.

People love to see someone get what they deserve. In fact, many social media users couldn’t help but laugh and comment about the rare incident caught on video. “That’s God working right there. I hope the b*tch broke her ankle lol,” one social media user wrote.

“100 %. Broke that ankle. She should be easy to find even for the lazy Bothell police. Just have to check the local ER’s for women with a busted left ankle,” another social media user stated.

“That’s free comic relief right there…LMAO #Karma #BustedCankle” a third amused social media user added.

According to yet another social media user, the owner of the car was actually identified and police were looking into the case. It seems that these thieves weren’t too smart and have gotten themselves caught in the act.

These thieves deserve some time in jail to think about what they did. After watching the clip, it serves as a reminder of how truly stupid some people can be, especially criminals. However, it’s rewarding to witness their stupidity play out as karma gives them the punishment law enforcement never could.

Perhaps after they spend some time in jail and laid up with a bum ankle, they will think twice before going out to steal something that isn’t theirs. The run to the porch is going to be pretty difficult for quite some time, and rightfully so. You shouldn’t steal something that isn’t yours; plain and simple.

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