WATCH: Louisville Thug Tries Shooting Cop In The Face, Gets Brutal Surprise

Video footage of a thug has gone viral after he tried to shoot a cop in the face in Louisville, Kentucky. Now, the lowlife is wishing he hadn’t been born after getting a brutal surprise that he truly deserved.

Most people are calm and respectful when approached by a cop in their vehicles. Unfortunately, every once in a while, police have to deal with the exception to that general rule and face down violent criminals who would rather shoot than cooperate.

According to Blue Lives Matter, this is exactly what happened on Saturday, March 31, 2018, at approximately 1 a.m. when two officers from Louisville Metro Police Department received a call for a suspicious vehicle at the Breckenridge Square Apartments and went to investigate.

When they arrived on the scene, the officers made contact with three people inside of the vehicle which included one female and two males. One of the male passengers, identified as 20-year-old Elijah Eubanks, decided he wasn’t going to exit the vehicle peacefully. According to local news source WHAS, Eubanks refused to exit the front passenger seat and instead pulled out a revolver and pointed it at an officer’s face and fired.

In addition to being a complete degenerate, Eubanks has no aim, and thank God. The body cam footage shows Eubanks missed Officer Eric Goldschmidt’s face from just a couple of feet away. Immediately, Goldschmidt and his partner Ian Stuart opened fire on Eubanks. The suspect dropped to the ground after being shot as the two officers demanded to see his hands and that he put his gun down.

The two officers rushed to secure the scene and handcuff Eubanks before administering first aid to treat his gunshot wounds. Eubanks was taken to a nearby hospital where he was later listed in stable condition. This scumbag nearly murdered a cop and if it weren’t for Goldschmidt’s razor-sharp awareness he might be dead.

It’s insane to think that a simple vehicle check could turn into an attempted murder of a police officer, but that is exactly what happened. These are the kinds of things that cops deal with, and people should remember that the next time that they want to criticize police officers for doing their jobs.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad later spoke about the incident involving officers Goldschmidt and Stuart. “We never want to fire our weapons and when we do, we understand and accept a high level of public scrutiny that will come with that shooting,” Conrad said.

Residents who heard the gunshots were uneasy for the rest of the night and understandably so. Apparently, one of the vehicle’s occupants was the daughter of a woman who lives in the apartments. Neighbor Tim McKay spoke to reporters about the shooting. “Yeah, it was certainly frightening,” McKay said. “I mean no one slept well last night.”

“I knew it was a gunshot but from a distance, if you weren’t paying attention, you could consider it like a door shut, but not that repetition – pop-pop-pop-pop – you know it’s not a car door,” he said. “I was making sure there were no bullets coming through. The window was fine. As a father, your first instinct is to check on your children.”

The bottom line here is that if Elijah Eubanks would have just cooperated with the police officers, he would have come away from the situation unhurt and without any further problems. Instead, he’s going to have to deal with what will probably be a number of years in prison after trying to murder Officer Goldschmidt

Eubanks is lucky to have lived through this incident. At such a young age, he should be thinking about how to turn his life around when he is released from prison. In my opinion, he got exactly what he deserved.

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