Teens Flip Over Old Sign, Unexpectedly Find Something Staring Back At Them

In Flint, Michigan, two teenagers were out exploring their neighborhood when they came across an old sign on the ground. As curious boys do, they flipped it over and were shocked when they realized it was covering a hole, and there was an unexpected set of eyes staring back at them.

It was quickly determined that the sign had been being used as a cover for a storm drain. Tyler Price and his cousin Eugene had flipped the sign over to see what it said, and that’s when they found themselves looking into the eyes of a starving pit bull that had sadly been abandoned and left in the storm drain to die.

“I lifted it up with my foot and looked. All I could see were his eyes,” Tyler recalled of the moment he made the startling discovery, according to Life With Dogs. He says his first thought was, “We gotta get him out!” And that’s what the boys quickly set out to do.

However, when the boys attempted to free the dog from the hole which had become his prison and would soon be his grave if they didn’t save him, they were unable to muster up enough strength to get the dog out by themselves. So, Tyler contacted his father, George, who quickly came to help and also called an animal rescue group to come assist with the rescue attempt.

While they were waiting for the Streethearts rescue group to arrive, the boys lowered down some dog food into the storm drain for the hungry pup that George had brought with him. The dog, who has since been named Mars, happily scarfed up the meal, which appeared to be the first he food he had in quite a while.

“I thought he was gonna be like, angry, or like, try to bite people,” Tyler said, but Mars only had love to show his rescuers, according to the Little Things.

“You can’t get near him without getting kissed!” said Terissa Kerr, who is Mars’ foster mom during his recovery for the next year. “My mind cannot comprehend why someone would want to do something like this – especially to him!  He’s amazing…. Thank God Tyler came along.”

Unfortunately, when Mars was looked over by a vet, it was determined that he had a severe heartworm infestation and may not survive. In order to give Mars the best chance of survival, a YouCaring fundraiser was set up to reach a goal of $1900 to pay for the cost of treatment. Thankfully, that goal was met on August 9, and Mars began treatment. The vets are optimistic since he has already gained three pounds.

Without the help of these boys, Mars would have had no chance of survival. These teenagers prove that there are still good people out there who are willing to step up and do the right thing, helping an animal in need. In a world where we constantly hear of humans doing evil things to innocent animals, these boys deserve an applause for saving the life of this dog after someone he trusted did the absolute worst thing to him, leaving him to die a slow and torturous death. It’s no wonder he’s so ready to show his appreciation with slobbery puppy kisses now.

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