City Workers Spot Elderly Man Putting Something On A Bench, Take Action

City workers in Wisconsin had noticed an elderly man who looked like he was up to something place an item on a bench, so they decided to take action.

The two workers, Jerrod Ebert and Kevin Schultz, were sitting in their parked car in Fon Du Lac earlier this year when they saw something they thought was strange – an older gentleman braving the elements and a snow-covered path to reach a lone bench, and there didn’t seem to be good reason for it.

According to CBS Evening News, the two men were perplexed at what he was doing. So they decided to figure out what was so important about that particular path and that particular bench.

“For most people, it’s a path to nowhere,” said Ebert. “It’s a path to somewhere for one person.”

It didn’t take too long for the men to put it together. The bench had a dedication plaque on it in memorial to the man’s late wife, who had died several years prior. Touched by what they had been witnessing, Ebert and Schultz decided to take action.

“It took us both back a little bit thinking, my gosh, his devotion is that strong that he still comes when he can’t make it to the bench even,” Ebert said as he cracked a smile.

For the last two months, the two city workers have gone to the walkway and shoveled it off, making the walk for Bud Caldwell just a little easier.

“One day I pulled up there and there’s the walk shoveled,” said Caldwell, who was at first taken back that the path had been cleared. “My knees about buckled on me.”

As it turns out, Caldwell had the bench installed to honor his wife, Betty, and ever since he’s visited it daily, bringing her a daisy and singing her favorite song – “Daisy a Day.”

“We’re just doing what we thought was our job,” Ebert said. “Some intuition, be it divine or otherwise, says ‘you know, this is why you’re here – to help one another.’”

While it may be a seemingly small act, Ebert and Schultz are doing what they can to change the world, even if it’s for only one person. With all the bad in the world, we would all be wise to follow their lead and try to do good. Maybe then, the world would become a better place.

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