Boom! Trump Unloads Gargantuan Executive Order—Obama, Democrats Are Devastated

Despite big promises they’ve made over the years, republicans in Congress have failed to erase the biggest mistake from the Obama administration. Now, exerting as much executive power as he can, President Trump is taking the matter into his own hands. He is determined to keep the mistakes of Congress from costing American taxpayers trillions each year. Obamacare has been […]

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Texas Principal Gives Entitled Muslim Students Who Skip Class Sick Surprise

When students began ditching classes every Friday for prayer at local mosques, their principal started to take notice. However, instead of preventing the privileged students from skipping school each week, he decided to offer them a disgusting surprise instead. After 7 years at Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, Principal Scott Warstler has caved to demanding Muslim students, using the […]

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