Students Stage Walkout After MN City Votes To Disband Local Police Department

Hundreds of well-behaved middle and high school students staged a peaceful protest Tuesday by walking out of their classes in Forest Lake, Minnesota, in response to the city’s presumably leftist-led council having voted a day earlier to literally disband the local police force. As reported by local station KARE, the students marched out of their respective schools at 1:15 p.m. […]

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Muslim Girl Who Shamed ‘Racist’ White Woman Gets Her Nasty Secret Exposed

Video footage of an allegedly “racist” woman telling a Muslim girl, “I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” caused a media frenzy and demands for police to charge her with a hate crime. However, the woman in question has now come forward, and she just revealed the lying girl’s dirty little secret. Despite the Quran repeatedly commanding the […]

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Muslim Sues Boss For Telling Her ‘No Hijab,’ Judge Gives Her Nasty Surprise

Judge Juliane Kokott (pictured) not only ruled against a Muslim woman’s demand to wear the hijab at work, she also issued some good news for European businesses. An entitled Muslim woman decided one day that she would begin wearing a hijab to work, daring her employer to challenge her Islamic superiority. When she was fired for violating the company’s strict […]

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