Alert: Antifa Attacks Jail, Raises Flag… America Is Under Siege

As part of a march to protest the “Unite the Right” rally that had taken place two days earlier in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Monday a large crowd of leftist thugs affiliated with the domestic terror group antifa — the so-called “anti-fascists” — descended on the Hennepin County jail in Minnesota. Why did they choose to protest outside a facility that justifiably houses criminals? Who […]

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Halle Berry’s Cries of Racism Fell on Her Schoolmates’ Ears… So They Set the Record Straight

It’s no secret that race relations have been a challenge during America’s past… but some people seem intent on exaggerating their struggles in order to gain attention. That’s exactly what Hollywood celebrity and Oscar winner Halle Berry appeared to do, after the star complained about her supposed “racist” classmates during high school. The “X-Men” actress and one-time “Bond girl” tried to play […]

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