Saudi Arabia Prepares for War: Issues 24-Hour Ultimatum to Qatar

The situation in the Middle East may be heating up rapidly. Not long after several countries cut ties with Qatar and enacted a blockade against its shipments, one of the most powerful Arab nations has just issued a serious ultimatum. “Saudi Arabia gives Qatar 24 hr ultimatum to fulfill 10 conditions that have been sent,” stated Reza H. Akbari from […]

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Trump-Hater Kamala Harris Attacks Admiral Mike Rogers, Gets Nasty Surprise On Live TV

If you’re not familiar with Senator Kamala Harris, think Maxine Waters about 20 years ago. The junior senator from California supports Black Lives Matter, and she’s as arrogant and entitled as her mentors Barack and Michelle Obama. The rabid Trump-hater was on Capitol Hill for the Intel hearings, where she totally disrespected Admiral Mike Rogers when he wouldn’t say President […]

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Nashville Gas Station Offers $50k Reward for Kathy Griffin’s Head

The level to which political discourse in this country has plummeted in the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and election was plainly revealed for all to see when failed and unfunny comedian Kathy Griffin held aloft a mock severed head resembling the president for a recent photo shoot. While Griffin’s stunt was widely condemned on all points of […]

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