Maxine Waters Gets CAREER ENDING NEWS After Calling For Trump Impeachment

Democrat California Rep. Maxine Waters has spent the last few months constantly calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Unfortunately for her, she was just hit back with the ultimate dose of karma, as a movement has been started to get her impeached herself…Conservative Tribune reported that Waters was stunned this week when a group of protesters showed up outside her […]

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Travis Tritt Destroys Congressman Trying To Slam Trump

When a prominent Democrat congressman tried to lambaste President Donald Trump over his alleged disclosure of classified information to Russian officials, country music superstar Travis Tritt went viral by attacking him over his hypocrisy. The Twitter kerfuffle all started after a New York Times story which alleged that the “classified intelligence that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week […]

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Muslim Begins To Cut Girl’s Throat, Sees Something Out Of Corner Of Eye

University students were horrified when an international Muslim classmate grabbed a female student, pinned her down, and began cutting away at her neck in the middle of the dormitory. However, his devious plans to kill the girl immediately came to a halt when he saw something out of the corner of his eye that changed everything. A terrifying attack occurred […]

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